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Campus Safety

security guard at security station

D'Youville's Campus Security is a 24/7/365 operation comprised of officers who are highly trained and extremely knowledgeable of the DYC campus environment.

security officer at station
As adopted from Homeland Security, D’Youville Campus Security Operation advises: “If You See Something, Say Something”. Hence, if you observe a crime, suspicious activity, or you’re reporting an emergency on or around campus please contact the main Security Dispatch Desk at 716-829-7777 or 716-829-7550 (non-emergencies) and follow their directives.

On Patrol

D'Youville's Campus Security Base and Communications Center is located on the first floor of the D'Youville Academic Center (DAC). The Communication Center is the link between Campus Security, external emergency assistance agencies, the campus community and the general public.

Campus Security Officers patrol the entire D'Youville campus 24/7, including buildings, parking lots, and perimeter streets.

For effective communication, they are equipped with state of the art law enforcement caliber radios.

DYC Security also monitors over 140 advanced digital video cameras that cover the entire campus.

highly trained security team

The Campus Security team is headed by the Security Director who oversees the full staff of over 30 officers, including Lieutenants and the Officer Corps.

Security Director: Keith J. Bova

7 Lieutenants

27 Officers

How We're Structured

Campus Security Operations at D’Youville is a specialized security operation run under the operation of U.S. Security Associates Inc. D’Youville’s Security Operations is headed by a Security Director who oversees a full staff of over 30 officers, including 7 Lieutenants and the 27 campus security officers.

The Director of Security at D’Youville oversees the entire Campus Security Operations and safety of the College, and reports directly to the Assistant Vice President of Operations (AVPO).

Base Communications

The Base Station communications center is staffed by Lieutenant-level Security Officers 24/7. These specially -trained officers are a key component of the response program. Their duties include fielding all incoming calls (internal and external), dispatching Officers for standard service needs and emergency situations, monitoring security alarms, door alarms, fire safety systems and video surveillance, and fielding calls from the campus' Red Emergency phones (indoor system) and Blue Emergency phones (outdoor system.)

The Communication Center receives thousands of phone calls every year, so it is critically important that the Campus Security Officers are adept at handling situations in a professional and courteous manner. Campus Security's goal is to provide outstanding service and support to each issue that arises.

Officer Training

All officers on staff receive continual training on security protocols and procedures, including Defensive Tactics, Handcuffing, Basic First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Patrol Techniques and Active Shooter/Campus Intruder Response. Training is provided through a number of different sources, including US Security (private security company), the NYS Division of Criminal Justice and other Law Enforcement agencies in the Western New York area.

The Director of Security is also involved with providing professional training to the College on security and safety related issues. Adjunct professors from the Erie Country Central Police Services Police Academy assist our Director in providing this training and outreach to faculty, staff and students.

Community Relations

D'Youville Campus Security Operations has established strong working relationships with local law enforcement and emergency responders, including the Buffalo Police and Buffalo Fire Departments. In addition to these key partners, we also maintain an active and positive communications with our neighbors through participation in the Community & Block Club Associations and the Police Community Outreach Committees. Effective partnerships enable the DYC Campus Security team to keep our campus safe and secure.

security officer at desk
Security has the capability to control surveillance cameras (pan, tilt and zoom) when needed and review previously recorded video footage when necessary.

Security Posts

Campus Security staffs dedicated and equipped posts at multiple buildings on campus:


Safe, Secure, Friendly.

Always staffed when the building is open:


The on-campus "Red & Blue Phone" emergency phone/communication systems were developed to provide a direct line to the Base Station for emergency purposes. When utilized, the exact location from which the call is made and an instant voice communication is established. The 7777 system is our dedicated emergency line.

Red Phones, Blue Phones & 7777 System

Pauline ALT Building (ALT)

  • Lower level in Spot Café
  • First floor lobby
  • Front and rear stairwells floors 2-6

College Center (CC)

  • Lower level by fitness center
  • First floor by gym
  • First floor Pool
  • Second floor Kurht Dining Hall

Bauer Family Academic Center (BFAC)

  • Lobby

D'Youville Academic Center (DAC)

  • Front and rear stairwells floors LL-6

D'Youville Academic Center School of Arts, Sciences and Education (SASE)

  • SASE stairwells

Parking Lots

  • A Lot
  • B Lot
  • C Lot
  • C-1 Lot
  • C-2 Lot
  • D Lot
  • E Lot (commuter side)
  • F Lot
  • G Lot
  • H Lot
  • Athletic Field House
  • Field Lot

Emergency Guides

Security and Fire Safety Report

This document describes all campus security services, as well as drug and alcohol policies, crime prevention, how to report a crime, how to avoid sexual assault and more. It also includes the Jeanne Cleary Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crimes Statistics as required by the U.S. Department of Education. More about campus disclosures is available at

Crime and Security Statistics Report (PDF)

Policies and Procedures

Safety Policy (PDF)
Missing Students Procedure (PDF)
Sexual Misconduct and Harassment
General Conduct Expectations (PDF)
Emergency Response Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Contact Us

Campus Security
Call: 716-829-7550

Call: 716-829-7777

Call: 716-829-7550

Security Director
Keith J. Bova

Safety Escort

DYC Campus Security offers all students, faculty, staff and visitors the ability to receive a safety escort 24 hours a day. The escort "service area" includes the entire DYC campus (buildings and parking lots) and immediate surrounding vicinity. The security escorts can be requested by calling the main Security Dispatch line.

Call: 716-829-7550