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August 18 Covid-19 Student Update

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Dear Campus Community:

As we embark on the Fall 2020 semester, it is well acknowledged that we are operating during a time of dynamic change. In response to such change, I want to help provide additional information important for generating awareness and helping our students navigate the critical out-of-class support services that D’Youville provides. In many cases, we are striving to be ubiquitous, giving students some degree of control over the time, place, path, and/or pace of their experience. Overall, this theme is aligned to our strategy for delivering superior instruction and is intended to equitably uphold our provision of quality support, independent of students’ physical location.

Additional questions regarding student support services should be directed to the point-of-contacts identified below:

Financial Aid, Registrar, Student Accounts:

The Solutions Center will continue to operate using a hybrid model for service delivery.  Throughout the fall semester we will have staff organized in on-campus and remote support teams, standing by to help students and families to troubleshoot, navigate and plan. Students are welcome to stop by in person, however, the most effective way to communicate with our office is to email For inquiries specific to financial aid, students should be encouraged to contact their counselor directly using the alphabetical breakdown below:

Last Name A-K  – Gene Pohancsek (
Last Name L-Z – Katie Rusek (

Student Advisement and Career Services:

The Student Success Center will continue to provide hybrid delivery of our advisement and career services--virtually, by phone and in-person. While we will continue to urge virtual appointments, there will always be at least two academic advisors and a career coach in the office Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm so students, faculty and staff are always welcome to stop by and speak with someone in-person. Inquiries should be directed to the following contacts below:

Academic Advisement and Planning – Stephanie Atti (
Career and Professional Engagement – Carly Duszynski (
Student Persistence and EAB – Ryan Miller (

Library & Tutoring:

Contact-free circulation will be offered via pick-up in the lobby, and all circulated materials will be quarantined for at least 24 hours. Reserve items will be available by appointment only, and gloves must be worn. Consultations with Research Librarians can take place over Zoom or by phone or email, either on demand or by appointment. The 1st, 3rd, and 4th floors of the Library will be open 24/7. Tutoring is being delivered hybrid and striving to remain digital with to the fullest extent possible. A variety of peer one-on-one and group live tutoring methods will also be available for students. Inquiries should be directed to the following contacts below:

Library and Research Services – Rand Bellavia (
Peer Tutoring and Virtual Tutoring – Lisa Rafalson (

Student Engagement:

Student engagement is alive and well with physical distancing. The team is working diligently to stay connected with students and provide many alterative experiences that develop the whole individual, support social connectedness, and build community. This includes both digital and face-to-face experiences which are intentionally thought out to ensure safety and well-being. Student Government Association will be operating online via Zoom. For more information please contact the following representatives:

Student Engagement – Amanda Idienumah (
Student Government Association – Christopher Topper (

Campus Ministry:

The Chapel in KAB will continue to hold mass with physical distancing. The campus cupboard is now located on the 3rd floor of KAB, next to the interfaith prayer room. All programming and services related to campus ministry are being coordinated by Nate Marton, the Interim Chief Mission Officer ( 

Accessibility Resources:

Support is still available via the 3rd floor of the library. Digital testing is being supported and the physical testing rooms are being modified to promote physical distancing. For more information, please contact Isabelle Vecchio (

Technology Support:

D’Youville’s Tech Support team is your first point-of-contact for all IT related support and questions. You can request assistance by visiting us on campus in the Tech Lounge, located on the 1st Floor of the BFAC building, directly across from the Student Success Center. You can also submit a ticket, send an email to or give us a call at 716-829-8282. Coming soon, there will be the option to book a one-on-one appointment with a tech from our team. During the fall 2020 semester the Tech Lounge hours are as follows: Monday-Friday 7:00am-6:00pm, Saturday 8:00am-4:00pm. Be sure to check out our Tech Support SharePoint Page for updates and for all current and helpful information. 

Campus Safety:

Everything to do with D’Youville ID card creation was re-designed and will be delivered via a more contact-free means, by appointment. Photos are now able to be uploaded online and ID cards can be picked up at the main Campus Safety desk on 1st floor of DAC. Parking is being managed the same as previous semesters through an online payment system. For more information, please contact ( or 716-829-7550.

ID cards —
Parking Information —

Food Services:

The Dining Hall is newly renovated and available for use by both residents and commuter students, as well as faculty, staff, and administration. All dining locations are following the recommended CDC and New York State guidelines for hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection. All food will be served by food service employees, and there will be no self-serve salad bars or buffet stations which require commonly shared touch points. For additional information please contact Mike MacIntyre (

Facilities Services:

Facilities services are continuing to uphold a high standard of care for D’Youville. We are prioritizing human health and safety as the core of everything we do when supporting the operations of our campus. Please submit work requests through your normal departmental representatives, and if you would like to add/subtract/change department representatives, please contact Joye Hamilton ( Emergency requests for support should go to the following point-of-contacts:

Custodial Services – Lucianna Gonzalez (
Maintenance Services – Chris Czombel (

Fitness Center and Kavinoky Theatre:

We still do not have guidance or approval to restart. Fitness Centers have been permitted to restart with reduced occupancy as soon as the 24th, however, there is an inspection and approval process that is required prior to restart that hasn’t yet been fully clarified. Indoor cultural institutions have been permitted to open at reduced occupancy, however, this does not include theatrical productions.

Best wishes for a successful semester,

Lorrie Clemo