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July 28 School of Pharmacy Guidance

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Dear DYSOP Students, Faculty, and Staff,

With the beginning of our academic year on August 10th I want to share with you some basic information concerning our safe return to campus. First and foremost, as D'Youville and the School of Pharmacy have contemplated your return to campus all decisions were made to ensure your academic success and safety. And of course the safety of our faculty, staff and administrators. Furthermore, we recognize that there may be some anxiety because of the uncertain; therefore we have done everything possible and will continue to seek ways to reduce the anxiety felt by all and create an environment that is conducive to learning. The following represents a few of the basic principles that will be implemented for our return to campus:

  1. Shortly, the Office of the Assistant Dean for Faculty and Student Affairs will send you a detailed master calendar. It will denote those classes that are solely online (either in a synchronous or asynchronous manner); while other courses will be designated as a hybrid. Each professional class will be split into an A and B group (for Integrated Compounding I there will also be a C group). Week one A group will attend hybrid classes on campus while B group participates in a synchronous manner online at home. The following week B group will be on-campus and A group will be online at home, and so on.
  2. All students coming from states outside of New York State as areas designated by Governor Cuomo as high risk will need to self-quarantine for 14 days prior to returning to campus; this does include Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. This requirement does not apply to our students returning from Canada.
  3. Each morning all students, faculty and staff will be given a questionnaire to self-assess their health. If any person is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms they will be required to submit a negative COVID-19 test prior to being readmitted to campus.
  4. When arriving on-campus students will need their ID cards to enter into all buildings and each building will be clearly marked to indicate up-only and down-only stairwells, and the maximum capacity of each elevator.
  5. All students will be supplied face masks and sanitizing wipes and hand-sanitizer stations will be installed throughout the D'Youville Academic Center (DAC) and the rest of the campus. Each student will be responsible for wiping down their space prior to the beginning of each lecture. You will note that for your safety the large lecture halls in the DAC which have a capacity of 122 will be limited to approximately 30 students and faculty with appropriate social distancing.
  6. Students are to wear face masks at all times; regardless of social distancing. The only time a face mask can be removed is if someone is stationary and eating and/or drinking while social distancing from all other individuals (this excludes lecture halls where there will be no eating or drinking). If in a study room or atrium area face masks are to remain on and tables or small study spaces will be limited to one-person occupancy.
  7. There will be no in person meetings on-campus for student organizations, fraternities or related bodies. All business is to be conducted via Zoom.

By no means is this an exhaustive list of D'Youville's response to COVID-19 and our safe return to campus. D'Youville has shared with each of you detailed plans for its reopening and how it will effect your academic experience. Last spring when D'Youville transitioned to remote learning due to the pandemic you treated us and this experience with professionalism, courtesy and understanding. I am asking for the same with this reopening. 

As such as I previously indicated D’Youville is committed to providing a safe on-campus through social distancing and enhanced sanitation protocols. If your class is being offered in a face-to-face modality using a hybrid format, we encourage you to attend in person. If you cannot make it to class due to illness, travel restrictions or other reasons, recordings of class sessions will be made available. For students that are not able to attend classes in person due to personal reasons, please recognize that in some courses not all learning outcomes will be able to be completed online or through simulation, which may result in delays in course and hence program completion. If you are unable to attend class in person for any reason, please communicate with your instructor(s), Mrs. Taggart and Mr. Jadoch prior to classes.

Whether there was a pandemic or not we are here to help you. Our greatest desire is for you to have a vibrant and thriving academic experience that is safe from harm or worry and eventually enables you to join a profession we all hold close to our hearts.

Stay safe - be kind - take care

Dr. Canio J. Marasco, Jr.