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March 12 Covid-19 Faculty Update

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First, I want to thank all the faculty members who are already reaching out and providing technological assistance to their colleagues. I’ve heard several stories of this nature. What a way to spend spring break! But in all seriousness THANK YOU! 

This is the first of a series of daily emails we’ll be sending. As the situation continually evolves this message will serve as a daily update and allow us to effectively communicate answers to questions we’ve received. Ideally the message will go out prior to 10am every day.   

Each day we’ll provide a set of scaffolded resources for you to review. We aim to keep your time investment to a minimum, with the hope that a little bit each day will lessen the learning curve. If you want more resources, please visit: 

Zoom Resources  
Estimated time required: 10-15 minutes  

Canvas Resources  
Estimated time required: 5-10 minutes  

Issues We’re Researching  

We’ll be sending out another email tomorrow at 10am with more information and answers.  

If you have immediate questions, please email That is the central repository for all faculty inquiries.