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October 7 Covid-19 Community Update

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Dear Campus Community:

D’Youville continues to work closely with the Erie County Health Department to track and monitor COVID-19 cases, and to report cases to New York State. At any time, you can view the Education Report Card to view D’Youville’s 14-day count. Click on Higher Education Institutions and type D’Youville College (with the apostrophe) into the text box. D’Youville remains far below the state threshold for moving to remote learning. Our threshold would be approximately 70 cases in the 14-day count.

If you have questions about standard protocols at D’Youville for items like quarantine, testing, tracing, etc., please refer to the COVID-19 reopening document.

A common concern we hear is, should I quarantine? Should I get tested? While these protocols are covered in the document, the CDC offers an excellent resource outlining when and how to get tested. You may also find information and a list of testing sites in Erie County.

D’Youville continues to exceed state and federal mandates in safety protocol. With the low number of cases experienced at D’Youville, we do anticipate a more regular on-campus presence in the Spring semester and a full return to campus work for staff in the next two weeks. Please work with your division leader to enact those plans.

We thank all of you for the individual, ongoing efforts to protect yourselves and your fellow community members. Please remember the importance of remaining diligent about face covering, hand washing and social distancing both on and off campus.