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March 20 Covid-19 Community Update

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Good afternoon,

Gov. Cuomo announced today that we are now being required to move toward a 100% on-campus workforce reduction, with the exception of essential staff. This government policy goes into effect on Sunday, March 22, 2020

D’Youville’s COVID-19 Taskforce and Administrative Leadership Teams have actively anticipated this possibility and are well prepared to respond. Yesterday morning, letters were sent to the individuals identified as essential for continuing the mission critical functions of on-campus operations. Based upon the new government requirements, D’Youville will be further reducing this list to employees that serve student meals, provide facilities services, and provide campus safety services to the institution. Please anticipate an updated essential staff letter to be sent out by Sunday night. All essential on campus employees are required to keep a physical copy of this letter with them during their work commutes and at all times while being on campus.

All other staff and administrative employees must do the following by close of business today:

  1. Sign and submit the Temporary Telecommuting Policy to
  2. Work with your managers to submit project task worksheet to
  3. Review the new Telecommuting Policy

Additionally, by Sunday, March 22nd at 5:00PM, all employees should plan to obtain any personal possessions or work files from their office that may be needed in the foreseeable future. Any other questions related to this matter should be directed to

In closing, as we are coping with this very historic and unprecedented global situation, I find it important to reiterate a vital concept Gov. Cuomo focused on today, “We are acting on facts, as opposed to acting on fear.” Cuomo went on to clarify that in many cases fear is much more dangerous than the virus itself. Please stay safe and healthy, and do what you can to help serve the wellbeing of our community during this time.