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January 12 Covid-19 Community Update

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Good afternoon,

D’Youville has received another supply of COVID-19 rapid test kits from the Governor’s Office. The tests are the same as were provided to support testing prior to Thanksgiving break.

As we move to re-occupy the campus for the Spring’21 semester, we are rolling out a campus-wide COVID-19 testing initiative that requires all students, faculty, staff, and administrators that are returning to campus be tested or show proof of recent testing at the start of the semester. The details are as follows:

Implementation schedule

  1. Athletes and coaches have already began a new testing protocols that test athlete groups multiple times per week. This practice will continue throughout the entire duration of the semester, in compliance with NCAA regulations.
  2. Students living in the residence halls will be the second demographic to be tested, between 1/15-1/17, as they return to campus.
  3. All other students and employees that have not been regularly coming to campus must either be tested at D’Youville during the first week of classes 1/19-1/22 or show proof of a negative test taken within the last 5 days, in order to continue being permitted access to D’Youville facilities.

Schedule your testing appointment

Similar to before Thanksgiving, we will be requesting registrations in 15 minutes time blocks. A second email will be sent out with the registration link and schedule of availability.

Frequently asked questions

Is it required? What happens if I don’t comply?

Testing is required for all individuals newly returning to campus. ID cards of individuals will be turned off at the end of day on 1/22 for anyone who has not been tested or shown evidence of a negative test taken elsewhere within the last 5 days. Staff that have already been working on campus everyday are not required to be tested, but will be tested if they opt to register for testing

Can I use this test to “test out” of my precautionary travel quarantine?

Yes. We encourage anyone that is traveling from a location that results in a mandated precautionary quarantine to schedule their rapid test appropriately to be used as their second COVID test after arrival.

Where can I be tested if I don’t want to be tested on campus?

Please search “COVID-19 testing near me” on Google.

How far does the swab go in my nose?

About 1 inch.

Who qualifies to be tested on campus?

Due to the limited supply of tests, free tests are only able to test current students, faculty, staff, and administrators at this time. D’Youville IDs will be required to be tested. If you are not a member of the D’Youville community, you may be tested for a fee.

I don’t have a D’Youville ID, what do I do to get one?

Please utilize the digital contact-free process of uploading a photo and ordering a new ID. Contact Campus Safety with related questions or concerns.

My D'Youville ID Card Process

Where is testing going to be located?

Testing will likely take place in the College Center, similar to what was done prior to Thanksgiving break. Specific details like this will be confirmed in future emails.

How will I get my results?

Please understand that it is not possible to send results to every person. Test results can be determined within 15 minutes. Individuals will only be contacted if they are identified as positive. If you need to have results confirmed for employment reasons, please indicate an email on your testing paperwork to have results sent to, this is only done by special request.

If I need testing again later in the semester, will more testing be available?

Yes. Based upon our current testing supply, there will be a small reserve of tests to help allow our community to “test out” of precautionary quarantine throughout the semester. Supplies will be utilized on a first-come, first-serve basis. We have been told that the Governor’s Office may provide a third shipment of rapid tests. If that occurs, then we will be organizing a broader testing protocol in alignment to the quantity of supplies received.

When is it appropriate for me to be tested again?

If you are mandated to quarantine by the Erie County Department of Health or a representative of D’Youville, then you can either be tested on day 5 of your quarantine to be released after day 7, or quarantine for 10 days without any testing. While it is never a bad thing to be tested, you do not need to be tested if you have not been designated as a close contact, or have symptoms or serious concerns regarding exposure. 

Second email sent on January 12, 2021: D'Youville Students and Employees

Good afternoon,

For those interested in receiving your required COVID-19 test on campus, please click the link below to select your time. Please note that you are only able to select one time and you will not receive a confirmation email – you will need to note the time you selected so that you do not forget.

All testing will occur in the Blue Lounge of the College Center. Please plan to enter the building through the side entrance nearest the gymnasium and exit the building through the front door facing Porter Avenue.

Students who do not receive their COVID-19 test on campus must submit negative test results to Employees should submit the negative results to