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security guard at security station

Our Campus Safety patrols all of D'Youville, providing emergency communications for students and employees through check-points established throughout campus.

The on-campus Red & Blue Phone emergency phone/communication systems were developed to provide a direct line to the base station for emergency purposes. When utilized, the exact location from which the call is made and an instant voice communication is established. The 7777 system is our dedicated emergency line.

Red & Blue Phone & 7777 System Locations

Pauline ALT Building (ALT)

  • Lower level in Spot Café
  • First floor lobby
  • Front and rear stairwells floors 2-6

College Center (CC)

  • Lower level by fitness center
  • First floor by gym
  • Second floor Kurht Dining Hall

Bauer Family Academic Center (BFAC)

  • Lobby

D'Youville Academic Center (DAC)

  • Front and rear stairwells floors LL-6

D'Youville Academic Center School of Arts, Sciences and Education (SASE)

  • SASE stairwells

Contact Us

Campus Safety
Call: 716-829-7550

Call: 716-829-7777

Call: 716-829-7550