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Dobson Field

Before joining us on September 27, review our FAQs to be prepared for the do's and do not's of Redfest.

A ticket must be presented in order to attend the event. Re-entry into Dobson Field will  be permitted until 8 PM.

What you can bring:

Don’t bring:

Security will be searching items brought in and can confiscate anything they deem suspicious.


While we want everyone to enjoy Redfest, please be responsible. If you drink, don’t drink and drive. People of drinking age will be marked as such to be able to enter the beer and wine area. All alcohol must be consumed inside the beer and wine area. No alcohol is allowed outside the designated area.


Those wishing to get a Lyft, Uber, or taxi can be picked up at the circle on Porter at the Peace Bridge/Route 190 entrance.


In the event of inclement weather, please stay tuned to D’Youville’s official social media channels and the Redfest website for updates. In the event the musicians can’t play we’ll make any announcement such as a cancellation ASAP through the channels listed above.

Trash & Recycling

Please dispose of trash and recycling into the proper receptacles available around the venue. Thanks for keeping our campus and our city clean.