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Living on Campus

student living in Marguerite Hall

Living on campus is one of the best ways to experience college life — create great memories, make lifelong friends, and live steps from the main campus.



Benefits to living on campus

  • Get to know other students
  • Have fun at campus events
  • Join student clubs and organizations
  • Study together and work on class projects
  • Develop interpersonal skills
  • Eat on campus with your friends
  • Walk to class and save time commuting!


security officers
Our campus security officers provide a round-the-clock secure environment for students..

You'll always feel safe on the D'Youville campus. 

Security 24/7

A security guard staffs the front lobby of each residence hall 24 hours a day. Residents must present a college ID to enter the building. Visitors must sign-in and be escorted to their destination.

Resident Assistant Support

A resident assistant (RA) lives on and supervises each floor in both Marguerite Hall and the Residence Apartment Complex. The RA is a student staff member who lives on and supervises the floor. The RA is responsible for programming activities, enforcing rules, distributing information, and maintaining a positive living environment. Resident Assistants are available to answer questions, listen to your concerns, and to assist with your adjustment to D'Youville.

housing options

Freshmen: You will receive your housing assignment shortly after Summer Orientation sessions are over. We will also assign you a roommate and provide contact information, if you didn't already choose someone during Orientation.

marguerite hall

  • Primarily for freshmen and sophomores
  • Co-ed, with floors divided by gender.
  • 12-story building with breathtaking views of the Buffalo waterfront, downtown and Canada.
  • About 28 students reside on each floor, which includes study lounge, TV lounge and kitchenette.
  • Each room has cable TV hook-up, Internet access, phone line capability, micro-fridge and individually-controlled heat/air conditioning.
  • Staffed by a security guard 24 hours a day; ID required to enter building.
  • Resident Assistant lives on each floor.
  • Fun activities and events throughout each semester.
  • Well-lighted, protected, parking lot for residents

 For more information, visit the Marguerite Hall page.

Residence Apartment Complex

  • For D'Youville juniors or students 21 and older, including graduate and doctoral students.
  • Four-bedroom apartments feature two full baths.
  • Roomy and fully furnished.
  • Full-size refrigerator/freezer, microwave and stove; cable TV hook-up, Internet access, local phone service, and individually-controlled heat/air conditioning.
  • Individual electronic access cards to building and apartments.
  • Well-lighted, protected, parking lot for residents.

For more information, see the Residence Apartment Complex page.

Part-time & summer

Part-time Housing

Part-time housing is available for those who only want to stay on the D'Youville campus for one to three nights per week.

  • Avoid the winter commute; live and study away from the distractions of home.
  • Subject to the availability of space after full-time housing requests have been met.

D'Youville offers residence in Marguerite Hall and the Apartment Complex on a part-time basis (1-3 nights a week) when spaces are available. Availability is determined after all full-time residents and returning part-time residents have been assigned space in the building.

Preference in both halls will be given according to the number of nights a student will be staying (Someone needing 2 nights will have preference over someone needing only 1 night), in addition to the date on which the application was received by our office.

Please note that part-time occupancy in the Fall and Spring semester does not begin until the 3rd week of classes, in accordance with the D'Youville's Add/Drop period. 

Marguerite Hall

  • All part-time residents share a room with either a full-time resident or another part-time resident.
  • A meal plan is not included but part-time residents can purchase plans or pay on a meal-by-meal basis.
  • Part-time residents can leave their items in the room from week to week.

Apartment Complex

  • All part-time residents will live with 3 other apartment mates.
  • A meal plan is not included but part time residents can purchase plans or pay on a meal-by-meal basis.
  • All apartments are fully furnished.
  • Students must provide their personal items and can leave these in the apartment week to week.

To apply

If you are interested in living on campus part-time, you'll need to complete the reservation form below. Part-time residents will be assigned to available spaces no later than the end of the Add/Drop period (the first two weeks of a Fall or Spring semester). Upon receipt of your reservation form, further information will be provided regarding room assignments.

Part-time housing form (PDF)

Summer Housing

Are you planning to take summer classes? D'Youville offers full or part-time campus housing for students registered for classes during the summer.

To Apply

If you are interested in living on campus during the summer, you'll need to complete the reservation form below.

Summer Housing Application (PDF)


What size are the mattresses?

Mattresses in all on-campus housing facilities are twin sized.

How much space is under the bed?

In Marguerite Hall, standard bed frames are used so there is space between the bed and floor. In the apartments there are drawers under the bed.

Should I bring a mini fridge?
No, you don't need to. AMicroFridge is provided in every room in Marguerite Hall. In the apartments full-size refrigerators are provided in each kitchen. Only in rare instances will residents be given permission to bring their own refrigerators. Contact the Student EngagementOffice ahead of time in regards to this if you believe that you have extenuating circumstances.
Are cooking facilities available?
Yes. In Marguerite Hall every floor has a kitchenette. Each resident apartment has a full sized kitchen.
Are telephone services provided?
Yes. Local telephone service and voice mail is provided free of charge but you must pay for long distance telephone calls. You'll need to bring your own telephone and complete a telephone setup process in order to use it.
Can I bring a TV?
Yes. Basic cable is available in each room of the residence halls. You provide personal television sets and cable wire extensions. Extra cable packages with premium channels can be purchased individually from the local cable company.
Will I have an Internet connection?
There areinternet connections in each bedroom, one for each student. In Marguerite Hall there is a computer lab on the first floor and in the apartment building there is a computer lab in the lower level. Computer labs are also located in the Bauer Family Academic Center and theMontante Family Library. Wireless internet access is also available.
Can I move in early?
You may not move into your assigned room earlier than the published date and time. If you will be arriving before the residence halls open you'll need to stay in a hotel or make other arrangements.
How much does laundry cost?
Laundry costs are included in housing fees. Washers and dryers on campus do not require coins.
What is the guest policy?
Residents may host visitors everyday until 1am at night, and until 3am on Friday and Saturday nights. In cases where a resident would like to host a guest overnight, they may do so according to the following guidelines: Guests may stay on campus for a maximum of two days within the course of a seven day period, beginning the first night they are registered. Campus residents may only have two guests within a seven day period and may not have more than two guests per night in any room. In Marguerite Hall, only guests of the same gender are permitted to stay with resident host.
Can I have a car on campus?
Resident parking hang tags are available on a first-come, first-served basis dependent on class standing. They are sold by the Student EngagementOffice during the first week of classes. Campus residents are only allowed to park in the lot for the building you live in; you'll be ticketed if you park in other areas.
How do I choose the right meal plan?
Please see Food Service Dining Hall Policy for meal plan information.
Are there any non-smoking residence halls?
All residence halls are non-smoking. Per New York state law, there is no smoking in any building on campus including residence halls. All persons must go to the city sidewalk to smoke.
How do I register for on-campus housing?
Contact the Student Engagement Office for information about applying for on-campus housing at (716) 829-8500.
What accommodations are available for guests in the Buffalo area?
There are numerous hotels near the D'Youville campus. To take advantage of special rates, please phone the hotels directly and inquire whether a D'Youville or college/university rate is available.


Room & Board Rates

Marguerite Hall 

All full-time rates in MGT include a residential meal plan. D'Youville does not offer a Summer meal plan.

Room Type Per Semester
Double, 2 people in room, common bath $6,326
Double, 2 people in room, private bath $6,818
Double, 1 person in room, common bath $7,171
Single, private bath $7,690
Triple, 3 people in room, private bath $6,671
Triple, 2 people in room, private bath $7,509
Triple, 1 person in room, private bath $8,356
Double with a part-time resident $6,854
Room Type Per evening
Marguerite Part-time rate (1-3 nights per week) $45
Room Type Per Week
Double $214
Single $248
Room Type Per evening
Marguerite summer daily rate $36

Apartment Complex 

APT rates do not include a meal plan (full-time meal plan option is available for additional fee).

Room Type Per Semester
Room in a 4-bedroom apartment $5,172
Studio Apartment $5,971
Room Type Per Evening
Room in a 4-bedroom apartment $62
Summer (full-time)
Room Type Per Week
Room in a 4-bedroom apartment $318
Studio apartment $362
Summer (part-time)
Room Type Per Evening
Room in a 4-bedroom apartment $52

Meal Plan

Meal Plan Per Semester
Full time college meal plan option $1,875

Mandatory Fee

Fee Per Semester
Residence Council Fee $22

Forms & Docs

residence apartment complex

apartment complex

For D'Youville juniors or students 21 and older, including graduate and doctoral students.

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Marguerite Hall in the winter

marguerite hall

A 12-story residence hall primarily for freshmen and sophomore students.

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