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Students at Commencement at Kleinhan's Music Hall.

Join us for our Virtual Graduation Celebration. Surprise guests. Moments of inspiration. A little singing and a dash of bagpipes. Come together as we celebrate the amazing achievements of our students.

While we invite all to join us at our in-person commencement in September (details below), we ask family, friends, and the entire D'Youville community to join us as we celebrate virtually on YouTube. Hear the inspiring words of deans, invited speakers, and your fellow students as we celebrate how far our students have come and how much we are honored by their accomplishments. 

Thought the celebration first aired on Sunday, May 17, you can still watch below or visit us on YouTube (where you can even join our virtual chat and send congratulations to our students live).


Formal Commencement Ceremonies

D'Youville holds two formal commencement ceremonies in May and one formal ceremony in December. All eligible students are allowed to graduate at the May ceremonies which are divided between undergraduate and graduate degree conferrals. Students who are eligible to graduate at the end of the fall semester now have the option to attend D’Youville’s December commencement.

For all commencement ceremonies, students must first submit a Verification to Graduate.


2020 Graduation Celebration

Because of health concerns and travel restrictions related to COVID-19, D'Youville will not hold its in-person Commencement Ceremonies at Kleinhans Music Hall on May 17, 2020 as had been previously announced. 

December 2020 Commencement Events

December 2020 Commencement

Academic Attire




For women, academic attire includes the academic gown, hood, cap and dark shoes, preferably black. A dark dress or slacks and blouse are highly recommended.


For men, this attire consists of the academic gown, hood, cap, tie, shirt, dress slacks and dark shoes, preferably black.

Academic Hood

The academic hood is not worn until it is officially placed on each student by a faculty member.

The Tassel

The tassel is worn on the right side until the very end of the graduation ceremony.


The cap, gown and hood that is required for Commencement will be available from the D'Youville Bookstore on a sales basis only.

The cost for graduate's academic regalia (cap, gown, and hood) is as follows:

  • Bachelor degrees: $94.29
  • Master degrees: $107.90
  • Doctoral degrees: $160.29
  • Honor Cords: $15.69

These prices include tax.

If you have questions, please contact the College Bookstore at 716-829-7666. Orders may be placed by phone, 716-829-7666, via email at

When placing orders, please provide your name, highest degree you’re receiving, and your specific area of academic achievement.

Graduating Students

Check your eligibility, review degree requirements, submit your application to graduate, and learn about the academic verification process.

Prepare to Graduate

Speak Up

Apply to deliver the student address at commencement. One undergraduate and one graduate student will be selected for this honor.

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