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Veteran Assistance Program

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D’Youville offers college assistance programs to veterans and dependents of veterans to achieve educational success in undergraduate and master’s degree programs.

Veterans Assistance Program

Veterans, service members and/or reservists/guardsmen may be eligible for the D'Youville Veteran Assistance Program. The Veteran Assistance Program is up to a 50% waiver off the remaining balance for undergraduate and graduate. The Dependent Assistance Program is up to 20% of the undergraduate and graduate tuition.

The D'Youville Veteran Assistance Program and Veteran Dependent Assistance Program are both unrestricted grants each semester you qualify. The Veterans Assistance Program can only be used to pay 50% off the balance each semester veteran administration benefits, NY State TAP, other state tuition benefits, and outside tuition benefits have been applied.

The D'Youville policy is to always use outside funding first to pay the tuition and fees before adding the D'Youville Veteran or Dependent Veteran Assistance Program.

This waiver is applicable to all programs at D’Youville with the exception of fully-online programs.  These programs include the RN-to-BSN, MBA, MS in Nursing Education with a Clinical Focus, MS in Nursing Management and Quality Leadership, and post-master’s Long-Term Care Administration certificate.  


Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for the Veteran Waiver is determined by the following criteria:
  • Any active duty service member, reservist/guardsman, or veteran with a remaining balance not related to any interest, fines or liability charges are eligible for Veterans Assistance Program.
  • The student-veteran must be registered at D'Youville as a half-time or more student (minimum 6 credits/semester for undergraduate students and 4.5 credits/semester for graduate students).
  • The student-veteran must complete a Federal Financial Aid Form (FAFSA).      
  • The eligible student-veteran must maintain his/her eligibility for any and all federal education awards and/or loans ( i.e., Title IV monies, subsidized student loans, etc.), state education  awards (TAP/VTAP, etc.), and private grants, scholarships, and loans.
Eligibility for the Veteran Dependent Waiver is determined by the following criteria:
  • The individual must be the spouse or child of a veteran as defined by the eligibility criteria for Chapter 33 (Transfer of Benefits) or Chapter 35 (veteran deceased due to service connected injury or classified as 100% disabled due to a service connected injury as determined by the VA).
  • Must provide Parents DD-214 and proof of Dependent; insurance card, federal front page 1040, Birth Certificate.
  • Understand that he/she can receive only one grant, waiver, or scholarship from D’Youville and usually selects the higher of those offered to him/her.
  • Must complete a Federal Financial Aid Form (FAFSA) and retains the right and ability to receive any and all federal, state, and private (non-D'Youville) grants, benefits, scholarships, and loans that he/she may be eligible for.


If you have specific questions about educational benefits for veterans, contact the D'Youville Veterans Services Office

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