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English Tutoring Service

International students in an art gallery.

Having trouble in the classroom? Want to practice your English-language skills with your peers? Contact the Intensive English Program about our free English tutoring services.

D'Youville is dedicated to the success of our International students and encourages students to contact the Intensive English Program for help with the English language. This service is offered to all D'Youville students whether they are enrolled in full-time language study or in other academic programs.

English Language Tutoring Assistance Topics

Tutoring sessions will help students:

  • Understand course readings and materials
  • Express ideas through writing
  • Prepare for formal presentations
  • Ask questions about course content
  • Access campus services for more assistance
  • Get involved in campus clubs and events
  • Understand and follow academic expectations
  • Improve pronunciation through conversation

Please come by our office or contact the Intensive English Program to schedule an appointment.

Expectations and Overview

  • Tutoring sessions may be individual or small group and last from 30-60 minutes.
  • You may work with other students who have similar needs.
  • The tutor will ask you for the assignment instructions from your professor.
  • The tutor will help you make corrections to your own work.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Shannon Stappenbeck


Recommend a Student

D'Youville faculty members are encouraged to refer students in need of English-language tutoring to the Intensive English Program.

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