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Students in our Solutions Center.

Gain access to an online database for our institutional scholarships and vetted external scholarships at the national, regional, and local levels with ScholarshipUniverse at D'Youville. 

We know your financial well-being is important to you. That's why we're one of the only institutions that offers our students access to ScholarshipUniverse

This amazing resource is available for all D'Youville students after depositing, and since you are now part of our community, you can log in using the credentials provided to you in our previous message to check it out! 

Match to Scholarships


24/7 Access

Safe and secure, the ScholarshipUniverse application process can be completed anywhere, anytime. Match with scholarships with a matter of minutes. 

Tailored to you

Upload your information like your resume or letter of recommendations only once; ScholarshipUniverse applies your information and will help you progress further with your financial aid awards.  

Stay on Track

ScholarshipUniverse guides you through a secure process, sending you alerts and communications to keep you on track towards financial prosperity. 

A laptop and cell phone displaying the Scholarship Universe app.

Answer as many questions as you'd like to discover scholarship matches, submit applications, and upload resumes, essays and/or letters of recommendation. Once you do, you'll be matched to scholarships — even ones that become available after you start.