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Leadership Scholars Program

Students studying together in the DAC.

The Leadership Scholars program is a renewable scholarship and hands-on learning community that allows students to engage in leadership workshops, campus activities, and community events over the course of 4 years.

The Leadership Scholars Program is a renewable $2,000 scholarship towards tuition only that is available to first-time students in recognition of their leadership, citizenship, and successful involvement in their high schools or communities. Combined with an in-depth leadership development program, participants are guided into leadership roles within the college community, while learning about themselves, each other, and the importance of ethical leadership and community service. 

Apply to Leadership Scholars



Applicants must meet all of the following to be eligible for the Leadership Scholars Program:

  • A high school average of 80 or higher.
  • First-year, full-time status entering D’Youville in the Fall semester.
  • Submission of all required materials including completed application, essay, and letter of reference.
  • Proven record of participation and leadership in high school and/or the community.
  • Admission to D’Youville as a full-time student.

This program is not a need-based scholarship. Students from all income levels are selected based upon their involvement in a leadership position in their high school or community as well as their academic achievement. 



This is a hands-on learning program with the goal of helping students improve their leadership skills through a variety of methods which includes lectures from distinguished speakers, simulations, team initiative problems, outdoor adventure programs, and individual activities. Students will learn about their own skills and abilities as well as how to work with others. A yearly service learning project is designed for the participants to understand how they can use their skills to positively impact others.

AWARD & Requirements


Award recipients receive $1,000 per semester in which they are active in the Leadership Scholars Program, for up to eight semesters. Receipt of the Leadership Scholarship may impact the amount of need-based aid a student is awarded. This award is a tuition-only scholarship, and can not be applied towards housing or fees.


The Leadership Scholars Program provides a vehicle for those students who have a genuine interest in further developing their leadership potential. This select program is available only to first-year students and differs from other scholarships in that certain expectations and benefits exist beyond the scholarship itself. Program requirements are designed to enhance the college experience while simultaneously supporting the academic success of participating students. 

Leadership Scholars are required to participate in scheduled program workshops and activities. Students will receive their schedule for the year at the very first meeting so they will have plenty of time to plan their calendars.

Leadership Scholars are required to maintain:

  • Level of active participation in one campus club or organization.
  • All Leadership Scholars activities; includes scheduled program workshops and activities (1-3 meetings per month).
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25.

Contact us at if you have any questions regarding the award and how it could affect your financial aid package.

Frequently Asked QUestions

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will the program meet?

In general, there will be about 8 meetings per semester.

What is the time commitment for this program?

Most meetings are only about 75 minutes, though there are a few that run a little longer. Added together, the meetings will equal about 20 hours per semester.

What will we be doing?

This program uses a combination of workshops, activities, and service to help you learn about leadership. These can range from a classroom discussion to outdoor adventure programming, so that you experience leadership in multiple formats and under all kinds of conditions. There will be speakers, adventure programs, participative workshops, a conference, and other activities all aimed at developing and enhancing practical leadership skills that will be useful in the professional world.

When do the leadership meetings take place?

Most of the meetings occur during the RED Time (a free period at D’Youville from 12:30 to 1:45 PM Wednesdays and Fridays).  There will be a few weekends or evenings mixed in, but those are very limited.

Will it interfere with my studies?

Most students are able to easily handle this program along with their studies, and have been quite successful in doing so. In fact, the data from past years shows that leadership scholars have a higher retention rate, a higher graduation rate, and a higher GPA than non-leadership scholars. We do everything possible to ensure that this does not add to the academic stress a student is already feeling.

What are the benefits of this program?

The most basic benefits include learning and developing your leadership skill set, while receiving a scholarship of $1000 toward tuition for each semester you participate, up to eight semesters. The program also helps students meet their peers early and form connections to assist in the transition to college. In addition, most of students will tell you that it was one of the most transformative experiences they had while in college. Graduates of the program speak very highly of how the program continues to help them professionally. The goal is to help you not only while you are at D’Youville, but through your entire lifetime by helping you develop skills which are necessary to be a leader.

This award covers tuition only and can not be applied towards housing or fees.

If you're ready to apply, just complete the following form. Before starting your application, please be sure to have your information and your essay available since the form will not save your progress if you navigate away from this webpage. If you have not submitted a letter of reference with your D'Youville application, you may do so before or after completing this form. Students may also use the form below to apply to D'Youville's Honors Program. Find details and requirements for D'Youville's Honors Program.

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