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Skills Development Courses

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The following skills development courses in mathematics, writing, and reading are offered as part of the academic support services for students.

Skills development courses are non-credit bearing and are recommended (not required) based on SAI scores.


LSK 086 - College Math Skills
In this course, you will develop basic math and algebra reasoning skills needed for the next level of math. Special attention is given to solving word problems and algebraic applications. You will also develop specific math study skills. (3 hrs./wk.)


ENG 101 – Reading, Writing and Reasoning
This three-credit course is designed to prepare students in all aspects of reading, writing and reasoning in preparation for freshman college courses. Students who score a 4 or 5 on the reading portion of the SAI, and a 5 on the writing portion meet the requirements for entry to this course.

LSK 067 - College Writing Workshop
This non-credit course is designed to help students improve their academic writing with an emphasis on thesis development, organization, clarity, sentence structure, and mechanics. Freshman who score a 6 on the SAI writing sample are recommended for this course. This class meets once per week for 50 minutes.

LSK 068 - Writing Tutor
LSK 068 is a tutorial for transfer students only. Professional tutors provide support designed to meet the student’s individual needs. Specific areas such as thesis development, sentence structure, and documentation are addressed in 30 minute sessions held once per week. Transfer students who score less than 7 on the SAI writing sample are recommended for this course.

Graduate Writing Tutoring
Professional writing tutors conference with graduate students on papers, theses, and projects in APA format. (30 min. - 1hr. per/wk.)


LSK 077 - Content Reading
This is a 30-minute tutorial session in reading. The sessions are designed to assist students with reading skills as they apply to their credited courses. Freshmen who earn a total score of 1-3 on the SAI reading test are mandated to take this course.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

ENG 191 & ENG 192
Instruction is provided to help ESL students understand, speak, read, and write English.

Individual conferences and/or small group sessions are also offered.

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