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Access Program

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Through the Access Program, students can complete the required courses and meet the GPA needed for admission into the academic program of their choice.

At D’Youville we know that being a successful college student is not always an easy task. Greater academic competition, difference in preparation for college, and general life experiences are all elements that can affect academic performance.

The Access Program is designed to maximize a student's chance for success in college by providing individualized and intensive academic planning from learning specialists. 

Shortly after your acceptance in the Access Program, you'll receive a welcome letter from your Learning Center academic counselor. They will introduce themselves and the program to you. You are encouraged to contact your counselor at any time with questions or concerns regarding the program.

Program Benefits

  • Access enables students to complete the required courses and meet the GPA needed for admission into the academic program of their choice.
  • Students receive academic and personal support throughout their first year, from counseling to tutoring sessions.
  • Students are given the opportunity to participate in the EXCEL summer program.
  • Individual and group tutoring sessions are provided for a variety of courses.
  • Students will receive one free class of choice upon completion of the Access Program.

Requirements of the Program

  • Students are in Access for their first year at DYC
  • Students enroll in no more than 12-14 credit hours while in Access
  • Students participate in at least 3 academic workshops (offered Fall and Spring semesters) while in the program.
  • Students complete recommended skills courses in reading, writing and math.
  • Students meet with a counselor on a regular basis regarding academic issues, personal and career development, and DYC policies and procedures.

Student Testimonials

"I thought it was great that this was offered to students. This made transferring to a new school easier."

"This program was very helpful, especially during my first semester at D’Youville."

"My counselor provided me with much needed guidance and support."

"The Access Program helped me stay on track academically and helped me with future planning."

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