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Interview Process

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Because of the limited number of students who will be enrolled each year, enrollment in D'Youville's physician assistant program is a highly-competitive.

Interview Selection Criteria

Due to the limited number of available seats, as our accredited maximum cohort size is 40 seats, the selection process for admission to the PA department is extremely competitive. We accept applications for admission from freshmen and transfer students.

The admissions committee selects interview candidates based on academic rigor, personal essay, three letters of recommendation, undergraduate overall and undergraduate science GPA (for transfer applicants), type and extent of direct patient interaction, and motivation to enter the PA profession.

Interview Day Information

Applicants who are invited to an on-campus interview should plan to be on campus for several hours. Applicants will be introduced as a group to the PA faculty and staff by the department chair and asked to perform narrative writing at the time of the interview. This writing will be used with the rest of their application information during the interview. Applicants will be given an opportunity to meet with the faculty, staff and many of our current students over light refreshments, either before or after your interview and will also have a chance to go on a tour of the campus with a current PA student.

Applicants are interviewed in groups of three with a panel of two interviewers. The interprofessional interview panel consists of PA/D'Youville faculty and community medical providers. The three applicants are not competing against one another and the interview session is designed to be collegial and informative, rather than competitive.

Interview days are scheduled from November through January, depending on the availability of the PA Department. Candidates chosen for an interview for the D’Youville PA department are responsible for all costs (travel, lodging, etc.) associated with the interview process.

Admissions Notification Process

The D’Youville PA Program offers admission on a rolling basis. Just because candidates are selected for an interview, does not automatically grant admission into the program.

Qualified applicants for admission are determined based on several criteria:

  • Interpersonal and intrapersonal, verbal and written communication skills
  • Written application materials
  • Results of personal interview, including narrative writing at time of interview
  • Ability to master the rigorous academic content of the program
  • Understanding and knowledge of PA role within an interprofessional health care team
  • Emotional maturity

Applicants are notified of the department’s decision within six weeks after the final scheduled interview day. Candidates will be notified, in writing, of the decision. If admitted, candidates will be notified of their placement in a class year and receive a transfer credit summary. Should students qualify, acceleration may be possible into an earlier graduation class.

Some candidates may be placed on our waitlist and will remain there until a spot becomes available, up until the start of classes. Once classes start, anyone left on the waitlist will be denied admission for that cycle and will have to reapply to the program during the next admissions cycle.

All notifications of admission (accepted, waitlist, or denied) will be communicated to applicants no later than March 1st.

Admitted Applicant Profile

For students that matriculated in August 2019, the average cumulative undergraduate GPA was 3.54, and the average cumulative undergraduate science GPA was 3.48. For freshman applicants, the average SAT score was 1213, the average ACT score was 25, and the average grade point average was 94.68.