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Students utilizing classroom utensils to test range of motion.

Our Occupational Therapy program provides local and international fieldwork experiences for students, made possible by clinical partnerships with over 300 centers.

D’Youville offers a five-year occupational therapy program leading to a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree featuring strong professional involvement and an ongoing curriculum review. The master of science degree in occupational therapy is an entry-level degree created for students with a BA or BS in another area of study. The three-year degree program includes courses in occupational therapy theory and practice, six months of supervised fieldwork, and research.

We welcome you as a clinical fieldwork coordinator and/or fieldwork educator for students in the D’Youville Occupational Therapy programs. We appreciate the time and expertise you bring to the fieldwork experience and hope that the materials contained in this website will be useful to you.

Please take the time to become familiar with this information. We welcome any feedback you may have and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to a successful and ongoing educational alliance with you and your facility.

Fieldwork Levels

The Department of Occupational Therapy has clinical agreements with over 300 hospitals, school systems, rehabilitation centers, mental health sites, and community-based facilities across the United States and Canada. International fieldwork options can be pursued. Local sites are available for many fieldwork experiences.

Three levels of fieldwork education are integrated into the occupational therapy curriculum. The first level is comprised of site visits and Level I. Level II fieldwork comprises the second level and Community Practice comprises the third level of clinical fieldwork.

Site Visits

Visits to health care agencies are part of certain entry-level courses. These visits orient the student to a variety of services provided in the local area, focusing on the context in which occupational therapy services are delivered or could be provided.


Faculty train D'Youville students in Level 1 fieldwork.

Experiences during the academic phase of the program enable students to apply classroom learning in the clinical setting. These experiences are associated with specific intervention courses and place students in various settings with a variety of consumers/patients.


Students and facutly come together for a photo op.

Level II fieldwork consists of two full-time 12 to 13-week clinical training experiences, (Part-time options are available). Each student treats a wide range of disabilities and age groups. Emphasis is on applying knowledge through in-depth activities, tasks, and the responsibility for delivering health care to patients. Clinical experiences may include acute hospital settings, inpatient psychiatric settings, rehabilitation centers, day treatment centers, nursing homes, school systems, developmental centers, and community health initiatives.


Faculty train D'Youville students in community practice fieldwork.

An advanced placement in a community setting or educational environment allows you to explore non-traditional or specialty applications of occupational therapy. Community Practice occurs in the graduate year following fieldwork.

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About D'Youville

Founded in 1908, D'Youville is a private college located in Buffalo's vibrant West Side neighborhood with a tradition of educating students who go on to become leaders in their fields and change agents in their communities. D'Youville is home to more than 3,000 students who are studying in more than 50 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.

D'Youville was named after Saint Marguerite d'Youville, the patron saint of the College's founders, The Grey Nuns, and continues her mission through a focus on emphasizing leadership and service to the communities our students serve.

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