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Program Curriculum

Ivy on a pathway.

D’Youville's ACEND-accredited, combined bachelor's/master’s degree program can be completed in just 5 years as a freshman.

D'Youville's 168-credit BS+MS Nutrition and Dietetics program is divided into two phases: the pre-professional phase and the ACEND-accredited coordinated program phase which begins in the summer term following year 3 of study. Students with previous college experience should consult our page dedicated to course sequences based on certain admission entry points when planning their education.

Find detailed course information for the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics program, tools to plan your education, and complete academic policies and procedures in the D'Youville academic catalog.

Program 79
Program requirements in other academic areas 41
Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirements 48
Total Credits 168

Course Requirements for the Program

In the Specific Area of Concentration

DTC-101 Orientation to Dietetics 1
DTC-205 Food Science 3
DTC-210 Food and Culture 2
DTC-306 Principles of Nutrition 3
DTC-319 Nutritional Biochemistry 3
DTC-327 Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle 3
DTC-328 Nutrition for Fitness & Athletic Performance 2
DTC-409 Food Service Management I 2
DTC-409L Quantity Food Preparation Lab 2
DTC-410 Food Service Management II 3
DTC-410SP Food Service Management Supervised Practice 1
DTC-418 Introduction to Professional Practice 1
DTC-420 Introduction to Nutrition Care 3
DTC-420SP Intro to Nutrition Supervised Practice 1
DTC-426 Nutrition Education & Counseling Methods 3
DTC-511 Medical Nutrition Therapy I 2
DTC-511SP Medical Nutrition Therapy I Supervised Practice 3
DTC-512 Medical Nutrition Therapy II 2
DTC-512SP Medical Nutrition Therapy II Supervised Practice 3
DTC-521 WIP Community Nutrition 3
DTC-521SP Community Nutrition Supervised Practice I 2
DTC-522SP Community Nutrition Supervised Practice II 1
DTC-524 The Nutrition Entrepreneur 3
DTC-600 Nutrition Theory & Practice 3
DTC-601 Research Methods in Dietetics 3
DTC-610 Dietetics Research Seminar 3
DTC-622 Professional Seminar 2
DTC-631 Advanced Nutrition Practice I 8
DTC-632 Advanced Nutrition Practice II 8
Total Credits 79

In Other Academic Areas Required for this Program

BIO-107 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 3
BIO-107L Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory 1
BIO-108 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 3
BIO-108L Human Anatomy & Physiology II Lab 1
BIO-208 Microbiology 3
BIO-208L Microbiology Lab 1
BIO-303 Biochemistry 3
BIO-303L Biochemistry Lab 1
CHE-101 General Chemistry I 3
CHE-101L General Chemistry Laboratory 1
CHE-102 General Chemistry II 3
CHE-102L General Chemistry Laboratory II 1
CHE-209 Principles of Organic Chemistry 3
CHE-209L Principles of Organic Chemistry Lab 1
CHE-219L Organic Chemistry Lab 1
MAT-123 Introduction to Applied Statistics 4
MGT-305 Principles of Management 3
HAPH-613 Management in Healthcare Organizations 3
GRA-629 Thesis Advisement 3
Total Credits 42

NOTE: These courses meet the knowledge and competencies established by the accreditation standards for entry-level education programs set by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND®) and are subject to change.

Transfer Students

If you are a student with previous college credit or hold a bachelor's degree, you might already have college credits to put towards this degree.

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