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Bonnie Fox Garrity | Alumni Story

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In D'Youville's Educational Leadership program, you'll share ideas, connect, and work with like-minded peers. Dr. Fox Garrity used that environment and the program's flexibility to advance her career as an educator and researcher.

Bonnie Fox Garrity

Alumnus, 2007


When I first started the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program at D’Youville College, I was concerned about how I would manage to complete a doctorate while working full time and raising two young children.

Bonnie Fox-Garrity
Dr. Bonnie Fox Garrity, '07, published her first article while enrolled in the EDD program at D'Youville.

I discovered that many of the students were balancing competing demands and that with careful planning and a lot of dedication, it could work. Beyond the scheduling flexibility, some key strengths of this program were the accessibility of the faculty, my fellow students, and the research preparation.

I never felt as though I was on my own between class sessions.

I never felt as though I was on my own between class sessions. I often had conversations with the faculty during the week and regularly communicated with the other students. My classmates contributed their unique perspectives and extensive work experience to issues. I saw topics differently as a result of their input. I also now have a network that I can count on for information, ideas, and feedback throughout my career.

While I was enrolled in the program, I published my first peer-reviewed article, coauthored with a classmate, and I later published in conjunction with two faculty members. That second publication lead to numerous opportunities for additional publications and presentations related to my dissertation topic, and eventually other topics as well.

The Educational Leadership program provided me with what I needed: a schedule I could manage, interesting and engaging faculty and students, and preparation to engage in research related to my topics of interest.

Dr. Bonnie Fox Garrity
Educational Leadership (EdD), '07

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