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A hurricane has damaged a building.

Read and watch the latest publications and news stories from and about the Disaster Research Lab at D'Youville.

In the Media

In the Media



Clay, L., & Rogus, S. (2021). Impact of Employment, Essential Work, and Risk Factors on Food Access during the COVID-19 Pandemic in New York State. In International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (Vol. 18, Issue 4).

Clay, L.A., Rogus, S. (2021) Primary and Secondary Health Impacts of COVID-19 among Minority Individuals in New York State. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(2), 683.

Bowling Together: Community social institutions protective against poor child mental health.
Environmental Justice.
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Awareness Is Not Enough: Frequent Use of Water Pollution Information and Changes to Risky Behavior.
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*denotes student

Research and Policy Briefs

Research and Policy Briefs

Clay, L. Penta, S. Silver, A. (2020) "Risk Perception, Information Seeking, and Protective Actions during COVID-19 among New Yorkers (May-July 2020)", in A Multi-Wave Study of Risk Perception, Information Seeking, and Protective Action in COVID-19. DesignSafe-CI.

CONVERGE COVID-19 Working Groups for Public Health and Social Sciences Research — COVID-19 and Food Insecurity Research Agenda-Setting Paper

"Primary and Secondary Health Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on New Yorkers (May-June 2020)", in National Food Access and COVID Research Team (NFACT) - New York, Clay, L. Rogus, S. Gadhoke, P. (2020)


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