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Use the non-enrolled/alumni forms to change, apply, register, or opt out of information.

Application for Graduation

Completion of this form establishes you as a degree candidate and initiates a review of your credentials. All degree-seeking and certificate program students need to complete this form the semester prior to the semester they intend to graduate. Learn more about the process.

Application for Graduation (PDF)

Change of Address Form

Form required for submitting updated address information. All college mailings will be forwarded to the permanent address on file.

Change of Address Form (PDF)

Change of Name Form

Student who legally change their name must complete a change of name form available in Solutions.

Change of Name Form (PDF)

Diploma Replacement Form

This form is used for alumni to order a replacement of their diploma.

Diploma Replacement Form (PDF)

FERPA Directory Information Opt-Out

The FERPA Directory Information Opt-Out form prohibits D'Youville from releasing directory information about a student to third parties. Carefully review the opt-out form description and conditions, complete the form and return it to Solutions.

FERPA Directory Information Opt-Out Form (PDF)

FERPA Release Form

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) requires a student’s written consent in order for an educational institution to release confidential student records to another party, except under the limited exceptions in FERPA permitting release without consent.

FERPA Release Form (PDF)

General Information Form

The General Information form must be completed by all new matriculated and non-matriculated students and returned to Solutions

General Information Form (PDF)

Registration Form

Undergraduates are expected to register during the periods specified in the academic calendar. Specific online registration dates are assigned for each class year; dates and time of registration are posted on the Solutions Calendar and available online in Student Planning. Students must clear all holds before their registration date will appear.

Prior to registration, the student must consult with the academic advisor. At the time of registration, the student must be in compliance with New York state health laws.

Student schedules are available on My D'Youville, and in Solutions, KAB 2nd floor. Once officially registered, the individual is responsible for payment of tuition and fees. No one will receive credit for a course unless officially registered for it.

Registration Form (PDF)

Request for Enrollment Verification

Students can use the National Student Clearinghouse to obtain instant Enrollment Verifications for current and past terms. Using Student Self-Service through the National Student Clearinghouse, students can print official enrollment verification certificates, order transcripts, view enrollment history and verifications on request, check loan deferments sent to your lenders and link to real time information on student loans. Log in to My D'Youville using the link below, navigate to DYC Self-Service and click on Enrollment Verification and Transcript Requests to be taken to Student Self-Service through the National Student Clearinghouse. 

Request for Enrollment Verification Online (current students)

Request for Off-Campus Study

After formal matriculation at D’Youville , students are expected to complete all coursework applicable to the degree at D’Youville .

During the fall, spring and summer semesters in certain circumstances, off campus study may be allowed. Permission must be obtained including all required signatures on the off-campus study form prior to registering for the courses. Only courses that are contained in the Transfer Equivalency table will be considered. If the course does not appear in the transfer table, the student should submit a syllabus to the dean of the school in which the course is taught at D’Youville for the decision about whether the course is equivalent.

Statements of Elaboration of Policy

Conditions that might result in a request for permission for off campus study include the following:

  1. A course necessary for a student to maintain appropriate progress towards degree is not offered at D’Youville.
  2. Students who fail a course or do not meet the minimum course requirements for their major at D’Youville may only replace the failure by passing the course here at D’Youville. Only by special permission (Please note: Special permission cannot supersede program requirements) would a student be allowed to register for an off campus course failed at D’Youville, according to the following conditions:
    1. Permission must be secured beforehand.
    2. Permission must be recommended by the department chair and forwarded to the dean, as appropriate for the final decision.

View the Transfer Equivalency Table for more information.

Only courses for which the grade achieved meets the criteria for transferring credit will be accepted in transfer. Students who fail an off campus course are subject to the policies and procedures outlined by their School related to remaining in Good Academic Standing.

Request for Off-Campus Study (PDF)

Request for Transfer Credit

This form should be used by students who wish to petition for changes in transfer credit after receiving an official credit evaluation from the Registrar's Office. Student should include ALL requested information for both the course(s) from the transfer institution and the D'Youville course being substituted. Please attach a course description and/or syllabus to each request. Form should be forwarded to Solutions. If necessary Solutions will forward the request to the appropriate department representative to determine if credit should be awarded.

Request for Transfer Credit (PDF)

Enrolled Student Forms

My D'Youville hosts a variety of forms for students such as drop-add, change of major, change of advisor, course waivers, and extension of incomplete. 

My D'Youville

Enrolled students can access forms and information through our internal network.


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