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Application for Directed Study

In unusual circumstances, a student may be advised and permitted to take a course in the regular curriculum on a directed-study basis. Reasons for giving this permission are commonly related to the student's status and at the discretion of the chair of the department from which the course is taught:

(a) as a candidate for graduation whose program requires the course or;

(b) as a transfer into the major for whom the course is unavailable because of the course scheduling rotation;

(c) when a course, which is offered only occasionally and is not necessary for the major, is sought by a student as an elective.

The student must obtain the approvals as indicated on the directed study form available in the registrar's office. No directed studies are permitted in any nursing clinical courses or student teaching assignment.

Application for Directed Study (PDF)

Application for Grade of Incomplete

The grade of "I" (incomplete) is used when the instructor is not prepared to give a final mark for the semester, either because of the student's illness or some other justifiable delay in the completion of the course requirements.

Application for an "I" grade must be made on a form issued by the registrar's office and must include the instructor's signature. Students who do not follow this policy and have not satisfactorily fulfilled the requirements for the course will receive a grade of "F".

The grade of "I" becomes "F" if the work is not completed by the incomplete due date of the following semester (see college calendar). Exceptions to this provision may only be granted by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or Dean as applicable (using the Extension of Incomplete Grade form).

Application for Grade of Incomplete (PDF)

Application for Graduation

Completion of this form establishes you as a degree candidate and initiates a review of your credentials. All degree-seeking and certificate program students need to complete this form the semester prior to the semester they intend to graduate. Learn more about the process.

Application for Graduation (PDF)

Application for Pass-Fail Grade

All pass/fail grades appear on the transcript as "S" (Satisfactory) or "U" (Unsatisfactory) with no quality points assigned. Students may choose to receive an S/U grade in free elective courses in the core and in any course outside the major program requirements. A maximum of eight courses during the college career may be chosen for an S/U grade.

Courses may be taken in any semester as long as the total number of courses does not exceed eight.

Students must make application for an S/U grade by mid-semester as specified in the current college calendar. This is usually the eighth week of the semester. Once selected as pass/fail, a course may not subsequently be taken for a letter grade.

Application for Pass-Fail Grade (PDF)

Application for Structured Minor

Structured minors are sets of courses designed to give the student marketable skills, which could enhance a competency, gained in any major. To take a structured minor which will be recorded on the transcript, the student must do the following:

  1. Students should complete a statement of intent.
  2. Students must maintain a Q.P.A. of 2.0 in the required courses.
  3. Students should complete a minimum of 12 credits as indicated in the chosen area of study.
  4. Students should take at least nine of the needed credits at D'Youville.

Students may not minor in an area within their major discipline. However, in some instances courses taken for a minor may also be used to satisfy the core.

Application for Structured Minor (PDF)

Challenge Examination Application

Challenge examinations assume prior accomplishment of knowledge in the course to be challenged. Challenge examinations may be taken for those courses that are specifically designated by number in the core or major and have been approved for challenge by the department in which the course is offered. The following limitations will apply:

  1. A challenge examination is not a substitute for an independent study.
  2. Determination of the student's prior knowledge and, therefore, eligibility for a challenge examination will be made by the instructor of the challenged course.
  3. No course may be challenged in which the student has had prior coursework.
  4. A challenge examination must be taken within six weeks of application for the exam.
  5. A student may challenge a course only once.

Students who need more information on challenge examinations may meet with the chair of the department in which the course is taught.

Challenge Examination Application (PDF)

Change of Address Form

Form required for submitting updated address information. All college mailings will be forwarded to the permanent address on file.

Change of Address Form (PDF)

Change of Advisor Form

Form required for changing an academic advisor.

Change of Advisor Form (PDF)

Change of Major Form

Any student who changes majors must complete a change of major form available in the Registrar's Office.

Change of Major Form (PDF)

Change of Name Form

Student who legally change their name must complete a change of name form available in the Registrar's Office.

Change of Name Form (PDF)

Course Waiver

The Course Substitution/Waiver form must be completed and approved by the department chair of the student's major, the department chair of the course being waived and the vice president of academic affairs.

Exceptions to major programs and/or degree requirements must be made in writing. Verbal approval is not sufficient.

It should be noted that when a course is waived, the credit requirement is not. Another course must be substituted for the original requirement.

Course Waiver (PDF)

Diploma Replacement Form

This form is used for alumni to order a replacement of their diploma.

Diploma Replacement Form (PDF)

Drop-Add Course Form

This form may used to register for or drop from courses that you cannot or do not register for with online registration. It is required for all courses you are being forced into. This form can only be processed if it contains all required information and signatures and if it is delivered, in person, to the Office of the Registrar.

Drop-Add Course Form (PDF)

Extension of Incomplete Grade

The grade of "I" (incomplete) is used when the instructor is not prepared to give a final mark for the semester, either because of the student's illness or some other justifiable delay in the completion of the course requirements.

Application for an "I" grade must be made on a form issued by the registrar's office and must include the instructor's signature. Students who do not follow this policy and have not satisfactorily fulfilled the requirements for the course will receive a grade of "F".

The grade of "I" becomes "F" if the work is not completed by the incomplete due date of the following semester (see college calendar). Exceptions to this provision may only be granted by the vice president for academic affairs (using the Extension of Incomplete Grade form).

Extension of Incomplete Grade (PDF)

FERPA Directory Information Opt-Out

The FERPA Directory Information Opt-Out form prohibits D'Youville from releasing directory information about a student to third parties. Carefully review the opt-out form description and conditions, complete the form and return it to the registrar's office.

FERPA Directory Information Opt-Out Form (PDF)

FERPA Release Form

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) requires a student’s written consent in order for an educational institution to release confidential student records to another party, except under the limited exceptions in FERPA permitting release without consent.

FERPA Release Form (PDF)

General Information Form

The General Information form must be completed by all new matriculated and non-matriculated students and returned to the registrar's office.

General Information Form (PDF)

Leave of Absence Withdrawal

Students who have attended classes and are granted a leave of absence from their studies at DYC (or have a leave of absence imposed on them by the Academic Policies Committee) are not permitted to take courses at another institution during the time of the leave. In the exceptional case where this might be allowed, it may only be done with previous permission (refer to off campus study form). Students can request a leave of absence for one or two consecutive semesters. Students who need additional semester(s) of leave must receive approval from the vice president for academic affairs.

Ordinarily, a student may not request a leave of absence after the twelfth week of the semester. Special consideration is given for illness and other extenuating circumstances. The vice president of academic affairs must give permission in these cases. In the event that a student does not return at the time stipulated, the leave automatically becomes a withdrawal. The student must then apply for readmission in order to return to the college.

A student intending to withdraw from D'Youville must contact the department chair in person or in writing and submit the proper withdrawal forms to the registrar's office.

Withdrawal will be considered effective the date the written intent of withdrawal is received. The procedure is not complete until the written intent is properly filed with the college.

If the withdrawal procedure is completed mid-semester, courses for which the student is currently enrolled will be assigned the grade of "W". No tuition refund will be made after the fifth week of the semester or after dates stated in the summer session brochure.

Discontinuance of attendance, notifying instructors, or mere telephone contact with college personnel DOES NOT constitute an official withdrawal. Students remain academically and financially responsible for all courses for which they have enrolled until the withdrawal procedure has been finalized with the registrar's office.

Leave of Absence Withdrawal (PDF)

Permission to Repeat a Course

Students may repeat any course once. Special permission must be obtained for a second repeat of any course. In each case, the original grade will be replaced by the second grade earned, whether higher or lower, when calculating the quality point average. Students must complete and submit the form at the time of registration for a second repeat of a course. Students should take note that, if the repetition is not required by the college, New York state will not allow the credit-hours for the course to be included in the minimum course load required for financial aid purposes.

Students who fail a course or do not meet minimum course requirements for a division and/or program at D'Youville College may only replace the failure by taking/passing the course at D'Youville College. Only by special permission would a student be allowed to register off campus for a course failed at D'Youville College according to the following conditions:

  1. Permission must be secured beforehand.
  2. Permission must be recommended by the department chair and forwarded to the vice president for academic affairs for final decision.

Permission to Repeat a Course (PDF)

Registration Form

Undergraduates are expected to register during the periods specified in the academic calendar. Specific online registration dates are assigned for each class year; dates and time of registration are posted on the registrar's online registration page and outside the registrar's office in KAB, Room 221. Students must obtain their access PIN number from their academic advisor to register online.

Prior to registration, the student must consult with the academic advisor and clear with the student accounts office. At the time of registration, the student must be in compliance with New York state health laws.

Student schedules are available in the DYC Portal, in the registrar's office and Connections, BFAC 101. Once officially registered, the individual is responsible for payment of tuition and fees. No one will receive credit for a course unless officially registered for it.

Registration Form (PDF)

Request for Enrollment Verification

The Enrollment Verification form should be completed if a current or previous student needs the D'Youville college registrar's office to provide enrollment or graduation information to an outside agency.

Request for Enrollment Verification (PDF)
Request for Enrollment Verification Online (current students)

Request for Grade Report

Approximately two weeks after the close of the semester, grade reports are available to students on the DYC Portal. If a printed grade report is needed by the student for employment or health insurance verification, the "Request for Grade Report" form should be completed and submitted to the Registrar's Office.

Request for Grade Report (PDF)

Request for Off-Campus Study

After formal matriculation at D'Youville College, students are expected to complete all course work applicable to the degree at D'Youville College. In certain unusual circumstances, off-campus study may be allowed.

Conditions which might facilitate permission for off-campus study include the following:

  1. A course is not offered at D'Youville or is being offered at a time when the student would be more than 50 miles from the D'Youville campus. (However, the latter does not apply if the course is being offered through D'Youville's Distance Learning program.)
  2. At this specific time, the course is necessary for the student to maintain appropriate progress toward a degree.

Students who believe they qualify to study off-campus must submit a request to the Dean of their school (or vice president for academic affairs if the Dean is unavailable) whose decision is final. Permission may not be presumed until all necessary signatures have been obtained.

Request for Off-Campus Study (PDF)

Request for Transfer Credit

This form should be used by students who wish to petition for changes in transfer credit after receiving an official credit evaluation from the Registrar's Office. Student should include ALL requested information for both the course(s) from the transfer institution and the D'Youville course being substituted. Please attach a course description and/or syllabus to each request. Form should be forwarded to the Registrar's Office (KAB 221). If necessary the Registrar's Office will forward the request to the appropriate department representative to determine if credit should be awarded.

Request for Transfer Credit (PDF)

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