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Early College Bridge Program

Students sit at a table outside.

The Early College Bridge Program (ECBP) restructures the high school educational experience to create pipelines from high school to the workforce.  

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Through a cohort-based education experience, the Early College Bridge Program allows students to earn college credits and certificates before they graduate.  The program develops college readiness through academic pathways and robust student support, while students engage in career exploration through experiential learning opportunities. The success of the program will fill workforce shortages and have an impact on the social and economic mobility of students and their families. In addition, the program prepares high school teachers to teach upper level, college objectives so that students can earn some of these credits in their high school. 

Earn College Credit & Certificates

Earn College Credit

Students have an opportunity to earn up to 34 college credits.

EARN College certificates

Students have an opportunity to earn one of the following college certificates:

  • Community Health Worker
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Pharmacy Technician

Participate in Camps & Experiences

Participate in summer Camps

Students will experience two healthcare Summer Camps. 

Experience an Internship

Students will get to complete an internship in the Healthcare Hub or other participating location. 

Learn More 

For more information, please contact:
Leah Sciabarrasi, PhD
AVP of Institutional
Effectiveness & Planning