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Collegiate Thrive Program

A D'Youville professor takes high school students to the botanical gardens as part of Pharm camp.

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The Collegiate Thrive Program is an exclusive collaboration between D’Youville and high schools to prepare high school counselors to better advise students interested in health careers, so that we may create stronger healthcare pipelines and fill healthcare shortages.   

counselor summit

counselor summit

Exclusive summit with the top minds in higher education and healthcare to help high school counselors better advise their students who are interested in health careers. Read more about the Summit below. 

Thrive Counselor Summit Agenda (PDF)



D’Youville experts and community partner have compiled resources for our high school counselors, including whitepapers, discussion topics, and curriculum ideas. 




Webinars with innovative college talent and leading healthcare industry partners for counselors, students, and parents.

Student Advantage

Student Advantage

Exclusive High School bridge program discounts and scholarships for top-performing students.

High School Advisement Summit for the Health Professions

October 2, 2020 at D'Youville College

This exclusive summit for high school counselors will be held with the top minds in higher education and healthcare to help high school counselors better advise their students who are interested in health careers. 



The day opens with breakfast and a panel discussion with WNY healthcare experts.

  1. What shortages are we currently facing in healthcare?
  2. What skillsets and qualities are needed in next generation healthcare workers?
  3. What do future healthcare workers need to be learning right now in high school?

Targeted training sessions focused on:

  • Curriculum and scheduling
  • Financial literacy
  • Online learning and continuing education
  • Building value-added career exploration experiences
  • Career and job preparation
  • College-readiness development


  • Local Lunch - we will bring the West Side to you in this lunch of local fare.
  • Tour of D’Youville’s innovative healthcare facilities
  • Simulation sessions focused on:
    • Health professions – to learn more about the ins and outs of careers
    • Advisement – to learn more about advisement strategies – targeted questions and language
  • The day concludes with a future of healthcare panel.
    • How will healthcare evolve?
    • How will technology change healthcare in the future?
    • What are the new careers coming down the healthcare pipeline?
    • What are the skillsets we should be building right now?

Free to You

  • Travel assistance provided. 


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