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Experience D'Youville

Students study in front of the SASE word wall.

Experience D'Youville through unique learning opportunities designed to prepare students, foster relationships, and upskill our community.

The Experience D’Youville program encompasses opportunities that prepares students for college and upskills our community.

Some of these experiences can be built into partnerships with local organizations and schools in order to form deeper and more meaningful relationships.

Students study in the DAC sixth floor.
Explore the D'Youville campus and learn in unique, collaborative spaces.

Pre-Collegiate Opportunities

  • College Tours. Early exposure to a college makes a difference in college and career planning and awareness. Introduce your students to higher education in a fun and friendly format.
  • Class Audits. Try courses, experience a college classroom, meet other students, and begin to form an idea of the kind of preparation needed for college classes.
  • Faculty and Staff Presentations and Consultations. Meet our expert faculty and gain new insights and guidance for your projects or classes — on the D'Youville campus or at another location. 
  • Early College Bridge Program. Give your students a jumpstart on their college education with a program that allows them to gain certificates, advanced certificates, and work towards a degree.
  • Community Workshops. We are committed to helping our community gain the skills and knowledge to become more successful. Join us in a community learning experience.

Summer Camps

  • Science Scout Camp (K-4)
  • Middle School STEM Camp (5-8)
  • Interprofessional Summer Camp (9-12)

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