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Through a partnership with the Haiti Rehab Project and interdisciplinary support at D'Youville, we work to provide education and assistance to the people of Haiti.

A child in Haiti.
Healthcare workers trained at D'Youville bring skills back to Haiti to treat patients and teach others.

Departments work together, students learn and educate, and alumni get involved with D'Youville's partnership with the Haiti Rehab Project.

Regardless of your role in the community, there's a spot for you to help. Learn more, get involved, and join us in this worthy cause.

About the Partnership

D'Youville's partnership with the Haiti Rehab Project (Community Rehab Project) is designed to foster educational and financial support with awareness initiatives for the people of Haiti who are still recovering from a devastating 2010 earthquake.

Each year, Haitian healthcare workers visit D'Youville and learn from students under the supervision of the faculty. This interprofessional, cross-departmental learning allows them to rapidly acquire essential healthcare skills and bring their learning back to Haiti to implement and pass on to others.


With your donations the Haiti Rehab Project can continue to support the people of Haiti.