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Become a Partner

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Sign up as a partner. Make the case for your cause. And be chosen as hackathon partner who will have a creative solution designed and built for you. 

Hackathons around the world are built around creating solutions, pioneering ideas, and building real-word products to solve a diverse multitude of unique problems. The D'Youville Healthcare Hackathon is designed to solve the most unique problems of all — your's.

When you become a hackathon partner, you'll be given a chance to speak about what you do and how you are making the world a better place. Teams will then be given an opportunity to choose the messages that most resonate with them, and you'll become a personal cause as they work to develop, build, and launch a solution that is designed to augement and amplify your work.


A Solution Designed for You

As a partner in the hackathon, you'll be assigned a team who has chosen to work on creating a solution to your unique problems.


As a partner, you'll be invited to our virtual events and have opportunities to meet other members of the community who are working to build brighter futures for us all.

Promote your Passion

Whether you're a national business or a small local non-profit, our hackathon is designed to put your cause forward to an audience self-selected to help.

— Registration Opens Soon —