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September 21-22

Introducing the Healthcare Hackathon, a unique competition to discover technology-focused solutions to healthcare problems. 

D’Youville has partnered with some of the leading experts in healthcare to create The Healthcare Hackathon, an event designed to bring together people with technology, design, business, healthcare, and patient experience to solve real problems. Teams of up to six participants are encouraged to apply to become one of the 35 teams. In addition, individuals may apply and will be sorted into teams on the first day. Working over a 2-day period to solve problems established by leading healthcare experts, teams will design solutions to healthcare problems, pitch their ideas, and compete for prizes and an opportunity to turn their idea into a reality.

  Event Dates: Saturday, September 21 to Sunday, September, 2019

Join The Hackathon

Create your team, apply to the competition, and begin building a bold, new vision for the future of healthcare.


A Diverse Team

35 teams with up to 6 individuals each will compete. Create a team, join a team at the competition, or even compete alone. Teams with diverse skillsets and backgrounds are encouraged.

HealthCare Expertise on Hand

A panel of healthcare experts will judge the competition, present the concepts, and be on hand the first hour of the competition to answer questions.

$35K in Prizes

Three teams will be awarded $10K and the top overall champion will receive an additional $5K, in addition to resources to make their concept a reality.

HealthCare Innovation

Interact, socialize, and compete with other peers and experts working at the center of technology and healthcare who are creating patient-first solutions.

2 Days. Concept. Develop. Pitch.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, exercise opportunities, a Slack channel for communication, resources for pitching, healthcare and tech workshops — all provided.

A Hub Project

The Healthcare Hackathon is a project of D'Youville's Health Professions Hub, an innovative vision for healthcare and education on Buffalo's West Side.
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Prizes & Categories


Cash prizes of $10K will be awarded to the final 3 pitches, one from each theme category. Each of the winners will deliver their pitch to a panel of judges at the D’Youville Healthcare Hub Groundbreaking the morning September 27th.

Categories to Solve

Full Details

  1. Teams or individuals are invited to apply to the Healthcare Hackathon to solve a problem in one of the three categories.
  2. A panel of experts will present on the themes and detail the problem statements on Friday. They will also be available to answer questions for a limited amount of time.
  3. There will be healthcare and technical workshops held throughout the event, including ones that cover the lean business canvas, Kawasaki deck, and grading rubric.
  4. There will be wellness activities throughout the event (yoga and morning run) as well as healthy food and coffee.
  5. A folder of resources will be developed for the teams that includes: self-paced modules, pitch templates, and the judging rubric.
  6. A Slack channel will be used for teams to communicate between each other and to request assistance from mentors, specialists and experts.
  7. Teams will pitch their solutions (2-3 minutes) in their category group.
  8. The final three pitches will be awarded $10K and will advance to the final pitch competition.
  9. The final pitch competition will take place the morning of September 27 at the Healthcare Hub Groundbreaking for a chance to win an additional $5K.


Diverse teams are encouraged! Though we want solutions to be technology-focused, we want to stress that every level of experience has a voice. Because everyone uses technology, we all have a viewpoint. We encourage and give priority to diverse teams made up of entrepreneurs, healthcare practitioners, healthcare companies, community organizers, students, writers, researchers, technologists, community members, patients, artists, and problem solvers.

Individuals are also encouraged to apply. The event will begin with begin with a member matchmaking exercise for individuals interested in joining a team or bringing in members to their own team.

Under 18

While those under 18 are encouraged to participate, chaperone's will need to be provided and those under 18 will need to go home at 10pm and will be allowed to return at 7am.

Hackathon Schedule

Round 1: Hackathon

  • September 21
  • 8 AM - 8 PM
  • Panel presentation by our experts, problem solving, and design.
  • Panel of healthcare experts that will present their problem statements.
  • Panelists will stay for a period of time to answer questions and provide advice and context.
  • Teams will work to solve their chosen problem. 
  • In the afternoon, teams will move into the design phase to design a solution.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided.
  • September 22
  • 8 AM - 8 PM
  • Leading healthcare expert speaking about innovation in healthcare.
  • Development and pitch.
  • Teams will develop their idea and will design a pitch.
  • Teams will pitch their idea in the afternoon to the expert assigned to their problem statement.
  • Using a rubric, one winner will be chosen for each problem statement and will proceed to Round 2.
  • Healthy, energy-boosting foods provided throughout the event including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Round 2: Groundbreaking Pitch

  • September 27 
  • 11 AM
  • The winners from Round 1 will pitch their idea to the entire panel.
  • Only one winner will be chosen.
  • Grand Prize
  • Incubator space for one year to develop the product.
  • A panel of experts to consult.
  • Additional prize money: $5K.
  • Clinical adjunct faculty appointment at D’Youville.
  • Marketing and graphic design services.
  • Business development plan services.
  • Faculty mentorship.
  • Graduate assistant for one year.
  • Fitness center membership at D’Youville.
  • Library resources at Montante Family Library.

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