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TBD 2020 Date

Introducing the Healthcare Hackathon, a unique competition to discover technology-focused solutions to healthcare problems. 

In 2019, D’Youville partnered with some of the leading experts in healthcare to create The Healthcare Hackathon, an event designed to bring together people with technology, design, business, healthcare, and patient experience to solve real problems. Working over a 2-day period to solve problems established by leading healthcare experts, teams designed solutions to healthcare problems, pitched their ideas, and competed for prizes and an opportunity to turn their idea into a reality.

  Event Dates: TBD 2020 Date


A Diverse Team

35 teams with up to 6 individuals each will compete. Create a team, join a team at the competition, or even compete alone. Teams with diverse skillsets and backgrounds are encouraged.

HealthCare Expertise on Hand

A panel of healthcare experts will judge the competition, present the concepts, and be on hand the first hour of the competition to answer questions.

$35K in Prizes

Three teams will be awarded $10K and the top overall champion will receive an additional $5K, in addition to resources to make their concept a reality.

HealthCare Innovation

Interact, socialize, and compete with other peers and experts working at the center of technology and healthcare who are creating patient-first solutions.

2 Days. Concept. Develop. Pitch.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, exercise opportunities, a Slack channel for communication, resources for pitching, healthcare and tech workshops — all provided.

A Hub Project

The Healthcare Hackathon is a project of D'Youville's Health Professions Hub, an innovative vision for healthcare and education on Buffalo's West Side.
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2019 Winners

Grandprize Winner: Journey

D'Youville Hackathon finalist team Journey

Team members include Colin Allen, Suakshay Bahal, Vito Galvez, Ashley Levine, MD, Megha Shirodkar, and Brian Quaranto, MD. 

The team presented on a microservices platform, Journey, to improve the patient experience. The platform would allow patients and families to track their medical care experiences as well as track progress of surgery, determine patient’s location, and receive live updates on changes in status. 

Runner-Up: Ally Health 

D'Youville Hackathon finalist team Ally Health

Team members include Jon Burow, Teresa Carosa, John Haughton, and Tamara Towles-Schwen.  

The team presented on a personal assistant for navigating healthcare. By downloading an app and filling out a survey, patients can be connected to a care navigator who would be able to direct the patient to nearest facility to receive the care they need. 

Runner-Up: Healthcare Transformers 

D'Youville Hackathon finalist team Healthcare Transformers

Team members include: Kim Hoyt-Folaron (not pictured), Sandy Kleinberg, Chandni Sud-Thavakumar, and Christy Zell. 

The team presented on IEngage, a patient and partner product that brings together the patient, medical partners and community resources to enhance patient engagement and improve outcomes. The platform would serve as an educational tool, have a rewarding gamification system, have health reminders, and feature wearables. 


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