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Please join us in urging state legislators to consider an alternative, already proven successful in the past, producing the exceptional level of educational rigor throughout New York State – increase the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) for all qualifying students and their families.

Take action! We've created a letter to our elected representatives, urging them to consider increasing Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) awards instead of enacting the Excelsior Scholarship, helping to ensure a bright successful future for all students and all colleges, public and private, in New York State.

Send Your Representative a Letter by Mail

If you wish to mail your elected State representatives (preferred):

Download the attached PDF documents and sign your salutation at the bottom. Optionally you may add any other information if you wish add to personalize it, and mail it to the address below. 

For Assemblymember Deborah J. Glick
LOB 717
Albany, NY 12248

For Assemblymember Sean Ryan
LOB 540
Albany, NY 12248

For State Senator Timothy M. Kennedy
Legislative Office Building, Room 506
Albany , NY 12247

For State Senator Christopher Jacobs
Legislative Office Building, Room 947
Albany , NY 12247

For State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle
Legislative Office Building, Room 806
Albany , NY 12247


Email Your Representative

If you wish to email your elected State representative:

Copy and paste the letter below into your preferred email client and email it to:
Deborah J. Glick,; Sean Ryan,;  Timothy M. Kennedy,; Chris Jacobs,, and Kenneth P. LaValle,


Plain Text Letter

We all agree that helping New Yorkers achieve a higher education makes economic sense. A well-educated population is vital to New York’s successful future. The proposed Executive Budget has helped focus attention on higher education and how to assist families with paying for college. However, the much discussed “free tuition” proposal limits educational choices for New Yorkers, and would be doing a disservice to New York’s taxpayers. It creates two classes of students in New York State and also presents a competitive imbalance that would jeopardize D’Youville’s ability to compete for students. The impact on enrollment and hence the economic vitality of our institution would be seriously compromised. It also represents a departure from a long held public policy goal of New York State — student choice. 

The proposed Excelsior Scholarship Program signals an interest from state government to make a significant new investment in student aid. An infusion of support for financial aid is welcome news, and would be most effective if directed to the proven state Tuition Assistance Program known as TAP. New York families know and trust TAP to help them meet their college expenses, and investing in expanding the amount of funds for each student and extending the program’s eligibility so more students can receive support would be a timely, cost-effective and wise move. Currently at D’Youville, one in two families rely on TAP to finance their education. 

New York’s Independent Sector provided $5.1 billion in student assistance in 2014-15, leading to an average net tuition of $12,700, well below “sticker” price. At D’Youville alone, $35.9 million in aid in addition to TAP is awarded to our students. Since the Great Recession, nearly every new dollar in tuition revenue has gone for financial aid. Our private, not-for-profit colleges and universities work hard to remain affordably competitive, while providing a quality education that places a premium on student completion. We want to continue our partnership with the state so students have limitless learning opportunities.  

Students, taxpayers and our community's economic base all win when students are given financial aid from the state and are able to use it at the college, whether public or private, that best meets their academic, social, career and financial needs.  

I know you appreciate the importance of D’Youville to the Buffalo Niagara economy. We are responsible for more than $121 million annually in total economic impact. Before signing onto the Executive Budget proposal I urge you to learn the facts and to consider the impact that "free" tuition at SUNY and CUNY would have on student choice, the communities in which we are located, and our taxpayers. 

The independent sector and D’Youville will continue our core mission: providing access, diversity and choice for all New Yorkers.

Call Your Representative

Furthermore if you want to make your voice heard, call the elected officials and tell them independent colleges are important to New York, that you've grave concerns of the impact on the State's economy, and that students deserve a choice. Please consider raising TAP for all qualified students in New York State preserving the already great public and private system. 

Assemblymember Deborah Glick
Chair of the Higher Education Committee
Albany Office Phone: 518-455-4886

Assemblymember Sean Ryan
District 149 (Buffalo)
Albany Office Phone: 518-455-4890

State Senator Timothy M. Kennedy
63rd Senate District
Albany Office Phone: 518-455-2426

State Senator Kenneth LaValle
Chair of the NYS committee of NY higher education
Albany Office Phone: 518-455-3121

State Senator Chris Jacobs
60th Senate District
Albany Office Phone: 518-455-3240


If you are currently using a smartphone, you can call directly from this page using the buttons below.

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