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From large outdoor spaces to intimate, technology-packed rooms, discover the space that is perfect for your event.

Browse through some of our on-campus event spaces, combine locations to create a connected venue with dedicated areas, or contact us about transforming an existing space into one that will connect your audience and meet your event goals. Ready to explore the D'Youville campus and our event spaces, in person? We can help with that, too.

Please inquire with the events management team for the current regulated capacity for the room you are interested in booking.

Event Spaces at D'Youville

Virtual Event Space

Combine our tech-first knowledge, virtual communication best practices, and connected campus to host your event virtually.

  • Capacity: Varies Upon Event
  • Price: Varies Upon Your Event Needs
  • Event Types: Virtual Events, Online Conferences

DAC Sixth Floor Event Space

D’Youville’s marquee event space can be converted to hold a broad range of event types and boasts views of downtown Buffalo, Lake Erie and the Niagara River, and even Canada.

  • Capacity: Varies Upon Event
  • Price: $100 per hour / $800 per day
  • Event Types: Conference, Speaker, Presentation, Large Gathering

Dobson Field

Home to our outdoors sports teams and our annual concert, the new Dobson Field arena provides a unique space for big events like concerts and camps.

  • Capacity: Varies Upon Event
  • Price: $150 per hour
  • Event Types: Concert, Large Gathering, Outdoor Sports, Camp

D'Youville Gymnasium

The D’Youville gymnasium can be set-up with or without our collapsible bleachers and is perfect for community events.

  • Capacity: Varies Upon Event
  • Price: $75 per hour
  • Event Types: Large Gathering, Indoor Sports, Camps

Kavinoky Theatre

The historic Kavinoky Theatre is a gorgeously restored space and the home to our annual theater shows, intimate performances, and interesting speakers.

  • Capacity: Varies Upon Event
  • Price: $100 per hour/$700 per day
  • Event Types: Performances, Concerts, Presentations, Formal Events

Health Professions Hub Event Space

Coming in 2021 and designed around collaboration and connectedness, you’ll be hard pressed to find a venue in Buffalo as interesting as this new event space.

  • Capacity: Varies Upon Event
  • Price: Varies Upon Event
  • Event Types: TBD

Montante Family Library

Throughout the Montante Family Library, you’ll discover spaces that blend the classic architecture of the building with tech-first learning and collaboration tools.

  • Capacity: Varies Upon Event
  • Price: Varies Upon Event
  • Event Types: Large Events, Small Events, Formal Events, Presentations, Conferences


Adjacent to the café are lobby areas, boardrooms and classrooms. When class is in session, the SASE Cafe is a major artery of learning, socializing, and community. For your event, it can be paired with numerous other SASE locations to provide the same connectedness.

  • Capacity: Varies Upon Event
  • Price: Varies Upon Event
  • Event Types: Medium Gatherings, Pairings with Other SASE Spaces

ITI Room

State-of-the-art technology is at the heart of learning at D’Youville and in the ITI Room you’ll see it all on display throughout this unique space.

  • Capacity: Varies Upon Event
  • Price: $40 per hour/$320 per day
  • Event Types: Active Learning, Small Group

Blue Lounge

Located in the College Center, the Blue Lounge is a traditional event space that can be paired with the external entry hall for catered events.

  • Capacity: Varies Upon Event
  • Price: $90 per hour/$720 per day
  • Event Types: Medium Events, Presentations, Formal Events

Outdoor Spaces

The D’Youville campus is uniquely connected to our urban neighborhood, but also boasts quiet outdoor locations like the DAC/ALT Courtyard.

  • Capacity: Varies Upon Event
  • Price: Varies Upon Event
  • Event Types: Outdoor Events, All Size Events

Conference Room

Spread throughout the D’Youville campus, you’ll find unique conference rooms that provide access to technology and campus amenities.

  • Capacity: Varies Upon Event
  • Price: Varies Upon Event
  • Event Types: Small Group, Presentations

Lecture Hall

If your event is largely academic, our large lecture halls will help you ensure your guests get the most from your presentation.

  • Capacity: 100+
  • Price: Varies Upon Event
  • Event Types: Large Events, Presentations, Conferences


Ranging from large to small, classrooms on the D’Youville campus are designed around fostering learning experiences.

  • Capacity: 1-29 (small), 30-60 (large)
  • Price: Varies Upon Event
  • Event Types: Small Group, Learning


Invite your guests to stay on campus, explore our neighborhood, and know that your big event is only a short walk away.

  • Capacity: Varies by Room
  • Price: Varies by Room
  • Event Types: Lodging

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