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Logos and Lockups

The D'Youville logo is on a gray background.

Properly using the correct and current wordmark and supporting logos under established best practices ensures the visual representation of the D'Youville brand is cohesive across all mediums and platforms.

The D'Youville wordmark is available in a three colors and a range of arrangements and customizations to allow for flexibility for audience and medium. Adhering to specified usage policies ensures every use of the visual identity is immediately recognizable and relatable to the larger brand.


There is one main lockup in the identity system, a horizontal “D’YOUVILLE” wordmark. The wordmark is designed using a customized bold sans serif typeface set in all caps. The letter Y features a break in the left arm, integrating the apostrophe in “D’Youville” to create a streamlined, compact identity.

A wordmark is a typeface customized to make a logo by altering the original letters to create something more unique. Even though our logo uses our main typeface, Gotham, it cannot be typed out again to create the logo.

The D'Youville wordmark.

Secondary Logos and Lockups

Lockups have been created for all of D'Youville's schools, featuring the name of the school separated from the main logo by a horizontal line. In addition to the primary wordmark, the visual identity system is also extended through the use of secondary lockups that feature the iconic D'Youville 'DY'. These secondary marks, along with school lockups, allow for special cases and are available upon request. 

Access Library

Please visit My D'Youville or contact to access our full library.