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Colors, Icons, and Patterns

The four primary colors of the D'Youville brand appear in slanted columns.

The colors chosen here best represent our brand when used consistently and correctly. Combining our color system with patterns and pre-designed icons extends our visual brand and allows for more personalization in our message.

The D'Youville color system extends through all elements and mediums of our brand. It connects our digital presences to our printed products to even our campus experiences. 


The colors chosen here best represent our brand when used consistently and correctly. Colors such as the D’Youville Red, Connecticut Blue, and Prospect Green are suitable to be used as background colors, overlays, and headlines.

The secondary palettes are used as accents to the primary palettes. Unless it is a headline or a subheading, avoid using both reds and blues as the main body copy. Gray, black, and white are neutral and are suitable colors for any background color as long as they are large bodies of copy.


Red circle

D'Youville Red

C0 M98 Y91 K30
Hex #B1181E

Gray circle

Porter Gray

C67 M31 Y45 K17
Hex #5B6876

West Ave White

C0 M0 Y0 K0



Blue circle

Connecticut blue

C100 M99 Y16 K5
Hex #2E2F7D

Green circle

Prospect Green

C59 M0 Y34 K0
Hex #61C5B8



Icons and Patterns

General icons should only be used by the Office of Marketing and Communications, unless otherwise specified. The D'Youville icon and pattern library is an ever-growing and evolving repository. Our icons are designed to highlight specific pillars while our brands allow for subtle brand reinforcement. When designing materials, the Office of Marketing and Communications works closely with stakeholders to ensure icon visual consistency.

Access Library

Please contact to access our icon and pattern library.