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Tuition Refunds

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All student tuition refunds are disbursed electronically through Tuition Management Systems (TMS).

TMS offers students more options and faster access to refund dollars. With TMS, access to your money is just a few clicks away.

TMS offers convenient choices to receive your refund in a safe and timely manner. You select a refund choice through an easy to use, secure online tool and enter the required personal and contact information for the refund method you have chosen. TMS will contact you via text or email based on the contact preferences you have made when you have a refund ready for disbursement! You can use the online tool 24/7 to update your refund preference, personal information or to review your refund history from the school.

Refund Choices include

Direct deposit

  • Deposits to your current checking or savings account
  • Funds available in 2-3 days
  • Must be a US bank

Paper check

  • Delivered via mail to US and Foreign Addresses
  • Check received in 7-10 days

Paper checks will be coming directly from TMS and not from D'Youville. There will be no option to pick up a check in the Student Solutions Center. If you choose the paper check option, there will be a two week delay in receiving your refund.

Refunds must be approved by the Student Accounts Office and cannot be generated until all financial aid posts to your student account.

Students may purchase books in the Campus Bookstore against their estimated credit balance using their student ID card.

D'Youville's refund program is administered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS). Read the Student Refund Management Services Agreement for complete details.  If you have any questions about your refund choices, please contact TMS directly at 888-425-1138 from 8 AM-10 PM Monday-Friday (ET) or email at For Student Account information contact us at 716-829-7500 or

Student Prepaid Card Program Data:

  • Total number of students with a prepaid account that were enrolled during the award year: 33
  • Mean amount of fees charged to students during the award year: $15.98
  • Median amount of fees charged to students during the award year: $12.50
  • Total invoice amount paid to TMS for the Refund program: $7,910.70

Questions About Refunds?

Visit D'Youville's Tuition Refund FAQs page

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