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Out of School Tuition Accounts

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Students who leave D'Youville are required to pay their outstanding tuition balance or work out a payment plan prior to their departure.

If you graduate or are no longer enrolled at D'Youville and have an outstanding balance, a hold is placed on future registration and all official documents, including transcripts and diplomas, until the account is satisfied in full. D’Youville offers students several options including payment in full and monthly payment arrangements.

Payment Plans

To set up mutually agreeable payment arrangements please contact:

Student Solutions Center
D'Youville College
320 Porter Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14201
Phone: 716-829-7500
Fax: 716-829-7622

Delinquent Accounts

Failure to respond to D'Youville or remit monthly payments may result in the following:

  • 1% monthly interest charge
  • Your account may be assigned to a collection agency or an attorney for litigation or wage garnishment
  • Collection fees of up to 33.33% may be added to your outstanding balance
  • Accounts are reported to the credit bureaus as past due, which may affect employment or future financing opportunities.
  • Students may also be held responsible for any reasonable collection fees, attorney fees, and court costs to collect outstanding balances.

Additional Loan Resources

Additional loan resources may also be available to assist students with an outstanding balance from a prior semester.

Private Credit Based Lenders

Sallie Mae

Phone: 866-972-5004

  • Past due balances up to 1 year after last attendance may be eligible
  • Student may have attended less than half time

Union Federal

Phone: 1-866-513-8445

  • Past due balances up to 180 days after last attendance may be eligible
  • Student must have attended at least half time


Phone: 1-800-708-6684

  • Past due balances up to 90 days after last attendance may be eligible
  • Students must have attended at least half time

More Information

Please contact the Student Solutions Center at 716-829-7500 for more information.