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Purchasing Office

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Faculty and staff should direct questions about purchases, expense reports, budget adjustments, check reimbursements and all other acquisition and equipment service related questions to the Purchasing Office.


For your convenience, a variety of standard forms are available for download in their native formats. Once downloaded, open the form with the appropriate application (Word or Excel). You can complete the form on your computer, (save it if desired,) and print it for submission. Or, you may print the blank form and complete it by hand.

All forms must contain the appropriate approval signatures, if required, prior to submission. Completed forms may be sent to purchasing via inter-office mail or dropped off in KAB 100.

Purchase Order Purpose & Requirements

Purchase orders are required for the acquisition of any goods and services including printed materials, marketing, equipment, software, rental agreements and supply needs, including athletic supplies such as jackets or uniforms.

The purpose of a purchase order is to initiate a contract with a vendor, to secure competitive pricing, and to adhere to audit regulations.

A "contractual" purchase order may be issued to a vendor within a fiscal year to reflect an on-going product or service that is consistently of the same nature. For example, the calibration of a piece of equipment that occurs monthly.


  • A purchase order form must be completed in its entirety and contain the appropriate budget number and signatory approvals to be processed.
  • The College’s Board of Trustees has mandated that any purchase exceeding $15,000 requires the submission of 3 competitive bids or a sole source justification. View the DYC competitive bid policy.

Additional Requirements for Computing Equipment
(for use on DYC networks)

  • A complete description of the item purchased must appear on the purchase order. The physical location of the equipment must be identified. When a notebook or laptop is purchased, the name of the user must appear on the purchase order.
  • If the purchase replaces existing equipment, the model and serial number of the equipment being replaced must appear on the purchase order. If this equipment is an “addition” please state the word addition.
  • The Director of Computing and Network Services (CNS) must approve the purchase order before it is submitted for the purchasing agent’s approval.

Additional Requirements for Printed Materials

All purchase orders initiating printing must be approved by the Communications Office before being submitted to the Purchasing Office. This is to ensure consistent quality control of all printing which represents D’Youville College.


To maintain an all-inclusive inventory system, please notify the purchasing department when computer related products are moved. This includes moves within your area or to any other location on campus. The inventory is imperative for both insurance and auditing purposes. Additionally, we are now required by the US Census Bureau to report all expenditures for computer equipment and software.

Donations & Dispositions

Donations and dispositions of obsolete computer equipment are coordinated through the purchasing department. Examination of obsolete equipment and recording serial numbers is essential for accounting and insurance purposes, and to select an appropriate agency for the donation.

Petty Cash Policy & Procedures

Petty Cash is only available on Fridays from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM in the Purchasing Office located in KAB 100.

If a special circumstance arises and petty cash is required on a day other than the scheduled days, contact the Business Office in advance to make arrangements.


Petty cash funds are available to provide reimbursement or cash for minor business expenses.

Petty Cash Reimbursement Limits

Petty cash is authorized up to $50. Reimbursement requests that exceed $50 are processed with a check request.

Please be sure to follow the policies/procedures listed below when requesting petty cash

  • Petty cash request should not exceed $50.
  • Tax is not reimbursable through petty cash.
    * Exception to this policy is a receipt from a restaurant, tax will be reimbursed.
    * Contact the Purchasing Office for a tax exempt form.
  • Original itemized receipt(s) must be submitted, with all requests for reimbursement. (A receipt cannot be copied and broken out and submitted as 2 or more separate requests).
  • All petty cash receipts must be submitted within 90 days of the original purchase receipt date.
  • If a receipt is lost a Missing Receipt Form must be completed. Supervisor approval is required.
    Note: Budget Administrators cannot sign their own Missing Receipt Form.
    These should be rare exceptions and any reimbursement made without a receipt is subject to inclusion as taxable income.
  • All petty cash slips must be completed in full: Date, business purpose with a detailed description of purchase, budget line to be charged, signature and printed name of budget administrator. If it is a meal/restaurant expenditure names of those in attendance must be listed.
  • All petty cash slips must be legible.
  • Petty Cash Advances must have the receipt(s) turned in within 2 weeks of the advance being issued.
  • DYC employees are allowed to cash personal checks up to $50.

Any further questions please contact the Purchasing Office.