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Ethics and Integrity Guidelines

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D'Youville's policy on ethics and integrity is at the foundation of our marketing and communications procedures.

The D'Youville marketing and communications staff is committed to honest representation and reporting about our institution; balancing positive perceptions of the school with truth-telling in the messages we create for both digital and traditional outlets, media distribution, social media, and our website. We aspire to be known for honest and transparent conversations to reporters and outside agencies while modeling best practices for our students, faculty, staff, and administration.

Marketing planning and coordination is done at D’Youville to ensure spending has maximum return on investment taking into consideration people from all walks of life, income levels, and backgrounds. We do our best to represent the entire spectrum of the human condition in materials, digital or traditional, from our potential students to all those we may touch upon in our world-view — people from various cultures, faiths and ideologies, genders, and lifestyles.

Stories, articles, and press releases written by or submitted to Marketing and Communications are published at the department's discretion, be they on the institution's web properties, social media, or in print. Generally, articles that have little or no relation to D'Youville, it's core mission, departments, or principals, will be declined. If an article is chosen for inclusion, Marketing and Communications reserves the right to edit the piece for length, style, and clarity.

We respect intellectual property rights and seek permission when reprinting the work or words or images when posting materials at the website or in print publications. We involve quoted individuals in reviewing our rendition of their words, in turn, we expect D'Youville messaging to be appropriately cited by outside organizations and will work with those organizations to resolve and correct problems.

We believe in the integrity of rankings, listings, and other distinctions hence do not participate with any organization where a monetary exchange is required for recognition. D'Youville only willfully engages with organizations that ensure reporting of rank or status is independently vetted using facts and data obtained from sources including government data, peer and affinity colleges, or student and employee data.