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Marketing and Communications

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From outside vendors to internal communicators to news organizations seeking valuable resources, we are dedicated to assisting others as they help tell the D'Youville story.

D'Youville’s Marketing and Communication department, aka MarCom, is responsible for strategizing, developing, and delivering high-level marketing and communication for D'Youville’s external and internal audiences. MarCom’s primary directive is crafting D’Youville’s story through consistent messaging using mediums best serving D'Youville's interests, depending on time and resource allocation within the department.

In short MarCom assists telling and promoting the story of D’Youville. 

Read about our Marketing and Communications ethics and integrity policy.

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This page offers guidance, tools, and resources for D'Youville marketing and communication projects — printed materials, websites, news and events, and more. These standards help maintain a strong brand identity for our institution.

Brand Kit preview

Brand Kit

Explore resources for external organizations, along with D'Youville's colors, logos and brand identity. Need more? Contact our MarCom department for further details. 

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News & Content

D'Youville's Marketing and Communication department is dedicated to telling the on-going story of D'Youville. We need your help to tell those stories in engaging and interesting ways to both internal and external audiences. 

My D'Youville Resources

These resources include content management, website and social media strategy, video, print, templates, and brand management. More information for faculty and staff can be found on My D'Youville.

Photo & Video

Video and photography is used to cover major events, faculty/student research, and student stories.
Though capturing every campus event isn't possible, MarCom can also help you better capture these moments for use in print, social media, and on the web to promote your program, department, and D'Youville as a whole.


Publications offers a vast array of skills to ensure any project, large or small, meets the highest communications standards.
The editorial and graphic design professionals of the publications office are committed to helping you create publications that engage and inform your various audiences and promote the excellence of the institution.

Social Media

Social media is an integral part of the marketing and communication strategy at D’Youville.
It’s how we connect, communicate, and maintain relationships with all of our audiences.

Web Services

Dedicated to ensuring rewarding user experiences and the compelling, on-going story of D'Youville, Web Services hosts not only the website but a variety of applications.
Students discover programs through the D'Youville website. Community members register for events through the calendar. Faculty members broadcast achievements and stories through the our news feeds.