The Summer Institute at D'Youville includes visits to Niagara Falls and New York City.

督优维尔学院, 纽约州,布法罗市

自由女神(纽约市), 督优维尔学院校园, 尼亚加拉大瀑布


Summer Institute 2014

在美国举办的夏季学院 2014 年 7 月

Join us for an opportunity to learn about health and business career options at our summer residential program.


Attendees will learn detailed career options in fields such as business, accounting, chiropractic, pharmacy as well as other career exploration choices. Attendees will also visit large companies and healthcare organizations to learn more about their operations.

参加者将学习在诸如 商业,会计,正脊,药学以 及其它职业上详尽的选 择.参加者还将参观大型 公司和健康保健组织,以 学习更多的有关它们如何运转的知识.

The conference also includes visits and events in Buffalo, Niagara Falls as well as New York City. Attendees will enjoy accommodations right on D'Youville College campus which is in walking distance to Lake Erie and downtown Buffalo.

夏季培训班还组织在布法 罗市,尼亚加拉瀑布和纽 约市的参观及活动.参加 者将享用在督优维尔学院 校园内食宿,该校校园与 伊利湖和布法罗市中心 区,近在咫尺.


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