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Fall 2013 Parent Newsletter


Welcome from Dr. Sen
Personal Counseling Center
Student Accounts Office


Parents and families: Welcome to D'Youville College!

By Arup K. Sen (Vice President for Academic Affairs)

As we are in the midst of the fall semester, I want to give you a sense of what our students will encounter. First year students experience a new independence as they learn to manage their time and embrace new people and events that challenge their minds. Sophomores will feel the excitement of learning critical thinking and confidently mastering their time management and study habits. Juniors will know the exhilaration of continuing to turn goals into realities through internships and taking classes geared toward their career path. And seniors will look brightly into their future with confidence.

There is one group that cannot be overlooked. Yours! For D'Youville parents it is time to enjoy the growth and development of your child. You will witness their transition to adulthood and the way they tackle their increased responsibilities.

Please know that my colleagues and I welcome your active participation in the life of your D'Youville student. Many family members come to campus throughout the year to support their child and their programs, clubs and activities. We see many parents attending campus events and giving back to the college. Your involvement strengthens the educational experience and we appreciate you.

Keep Your Child On Track

I encourage you to utilize our Office of Retention Services should you have any concerns about your child's progress this semester. This office welcomes parent input and appreciates any parental insight you can offer to increase your child's academic success. This office can be reached at (716) 829-7625.

The Learning Center is also a free source of assistance to your child. They can offer writing support as well tutorial services. Please encourage your child to seek the Learning Center's assistance as well. This office can be reached at (716) 829-7774.

I offer you a hearty welcome to our D'Youville family.


The Personal Counseling Center at D'Youville

-By Erin M. Moss, MA, LMHC  (Personal Counselor)

The transition from high school to college is a very exciting time, yet it can cause many concerns, not just for the student but for the parents as well. Is my child ready to be on his own? Will she miss her class? Who will my child turn to in an emergency situation? These are just a few of the many concerns that can arise for parents or guardians sending their child off to college.

A Safe Place for Students

D'Youville College's Personal Counseling Center realizes the importance of ensuring that both the student and family have a smooth transition into higher education. The Personal Counseling Center provides a safe place for students to receive counseling services. Professional Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHC) are available to assist students with many obstacles which may be hindering them from achieving personal and professional satisfaction. The information shared with the counselors is confidential and is not included in the student's academic record. We understand that every student is unique and we strive to provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for our diverse student population. Counseling sessions are free of charge for D'Youville College Students.

Find Us on Campus

The Personal Counseling Center is located on the first floor of Marguerite Hall inside the Health & Wellness Center. Students can conveniently schedule confidential appointments with a counselor by visiting the Personal Counseling Center website at www.dyc.edu/offices/personal_counseling/ or by telephone at (716) 829-7819.

Please encourage your student to take advantage of this wonderful resource that D'Youville College provides. We look forward to being of service and welcoming your new student!


The Student Accounts Office

by Andrea Addison (Assistant Bursar)

Welcome to the D'Youville College Family and to our Student Accounts Office!  I would like to give you a brief idea of what the Student Accounts Office at D'Youville College is responsible for.

The Student Accounts Office maintains all billing records including charges for tuition, fees and room and board.  Our student account experts love the opportunity to help families.  We will help you navigate your son or daughter's bill and help you explore solutions that will work for you!

The Student Accounts Office offers a wide range of services from a payment plan, to "Spartan Bucks" (money placed on a student's ID card so that they can make purchases in any of our cafeterias on campus).  We can accept payment by cash, check, or any of the major credit cards in person, over the phone or online.  Your child can also access his or her billing statement online at any time via his or her STACI account (STACI is a web application that allows students to register for classes, see course schedules, grades and much more.)

We have an open door policy in the Student Accounts Office and we encourage you to call (716) 892-7877, email or stop in Koessler Administration Building Room 211 to ask your questions, raise any concerns, or offer any comments.

Again, welcome to our family.  Please remember that we are always here to help you and your child to ensure that he or she reaches his or her dream of a college education.


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