Technical Requirements

Students in online programs need access to and use of a computer and software.

As a student in D'Youville's online programs, you are required to have use of a computer (laptop or desktop). You must also have basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and how to navigate the internet with a browser.

Computer (Hardware & Peripherals) Requirements

For network integrity and support purposes D'Youville College policy requires that all computers used on the campus network meet minimum requirements for hardware and software. Your computers should also have the following components:

  • sound card
  • speakers
  • microphone
  • web camera capable of video web conferencing
  • inkjet or laser printer

Software and applications

*Open Office is not acceptable.

Internet browser

Plugins & Players

Internet Chat Client

An internet relay chat client (IRC) provides real-time Internet chat.

Internet Connection

A broadband (cable or DSL) connection is required for videoconferencing and testing.


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