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CNA - D'Youville Training

CNA - D'Youville Training

Buffalo, New York – May 6th, 2022 –

“One of the barriers that we've seen over the years for CNA trainees is that people can't afford to not work for three to four weeks while they're in training,” O’Connor said. “And so people just aren't pursuing it.”

-Patricia O’Connor, VP Longer Term Care Operations, Catholic Health


Adapting to the World We’re In

Partnering with Catholic Heath and the McGuire Group, D’Youville University offered four weeks of paid training and classes as an opportunity for nurses training to become CNA certified in long-term care facilities.

Most prospective and active employees in the field of long-term care nursing are single women of color, often balancing family and multiple jobs. Un-paid training and tuition can be career-ending roadblocks for many of these potential nurses, and keep them from the workforce entirely.

In a time when the workforce in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities has shrunk significantly, the demand for these nurses and the support of these facilities is only grown, our institution sought a solution.

As a member of this community, we will continue to provide equal access to best-in-class education for our community and our future. Please follow the link to read more about paid training for CNA’s at D’Youville University.  


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