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Responding to Bias and Incident Reporting

Responding to Bias and Incident Reporting

Buffalo, New York – June 03, 2020 – As we face the painful and difficult struggle ahead to address systemic bias and racism, many faces will emerge in our communities. Faces of those who are afraid; of those who are angry; of those who will lead; of those who disagree. We at D’Youville have said and will continue to uphold, we are UNEQUIVOCALLY opposed to bias within our community.

D’Youville considers reports of bias to be very serious in nature. Systems and processes are in place to handle these incidents and D’Youville fully executes those processes. If you – as a student, employee, or community member – report an incident of suspected or known bias to someone at D’Youville, we will enact certain steps immediately.

Each and every report of potential bias is reviewed by our Chief Student Affairs Officer AND a Bias Response Review Board comprised of faculty and staff. If in fact an incident is confirmed and violates code of conduct, the individual in question will face the full responsibility for consequences of such action. There are certain limitations legally to what D’Youville can or cannot do; and there are privacy laws regarding what we can and cannot share regarding reviews, discipline, and the ultimate consequences. D’Youville is bound to uphold student privacy rights and, as such, specific institutional responses and records are not made public. In some cases, individuals have been suspended from work and/ or school pending investigation.

The best thing that you can do is to document and report incidents using the link below so that D’Youville may investigate and make appropriate decisions keeping in mind the safety and security of our entire campus population and the sanctity of our learning environment and the wonderfully diverse population we serve.

Anybody with general questions about the D’Youville Code of Conduct and judicial processes and procedures can feel free to contact Benjamin Grant, Chief Student Affairs Officer, at

Should you wish to report a campus concern, including potential bias related incidents, please use the following link:

Dr. Lorrie Clemo, President

Benjamin Grant, Chief Student Affairs Officer

Joggeshwar Das, Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Jeremiah Grabowski, Dean of Online Learning

Nathan Marton, Vice President for Operations