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High School Seniors From Around the World Join COVID-19 Resiliency Program

High School Seniors From Around the World Join COVID-19 Resiliency Program

Buffalo, New York – May 08, 2020 – D’Youville announced today students from six countries and seven major U.S. cities will join the Covid-19 Resiliency Program.

The program offers a crisis readiness workshop and the choice of two free online, credit-bearing courses to high school seniors in Summer 2020. The program’s purpose is two-fold. It will keep talented students on track for college while developing a network of future global leaders.

Additionally, the program will build an international narrative around the impact of Covid-19 on communities and the future of crisis leadership through the work of 100 global participants.

Students will be led by a leading international expert. D’Youville has partnered with Melissa Agnes, founder and CEO of the Crisis Ready Institute, to co-teach the program.

Agnes is an author, speaker, and organizational advisor. She has worked with NATO, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense, financial firms, law enforcement agencies, and global non-profits. She has taught crisis management at NYU, Columbia and McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Her Crisis Ready Model is utilized in Harvard University courses and by Homeland Security. She has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, VIBE Magazine, and USA Today.

D’Youville will share the work and learnings of the program with international audiences in Fall 2020. 

“D’Youville’s Covid-19 Resiliency Program is the first of its kind. It marries sociological theories, proven crisis leadership models, and an international perspective to empower bright, young adults to create a new legacy of leadership our world desperately needs,” said Dr. Lorrie Clemo, President of D’Youville.

“We aren’t focusing on the leadership of today. We are focusing on the needs of the future. This program ensures our planet and its people will benefit from a global network of well-informed, passionate, future leaders. The baton will inevitably pass. We want to best prepare those who will take it.”

Students interested in participating must complete a short form and essay. Applications are due by May 22, 2020 and are available at Questions may be sent to

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