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Keep Your Education on Track with the New Navigate Student App

Keep Your Education on Track with the New Navigate Student App

This semester, aside from Instagramming, TikToking, Spotifying, YouTubing, swiping right, shooting selfies, binge-watching The Office, and living vibrant online lives, students, smartphones in hand, will be doing something new on their phones — keeping their education on track.

That student at the coffee shop on his phone? He’s checking his schedule to see if he can cram for a little while longer before a test. The student riding the elevator with you, thumbs flying across her screen? She knows where she’s going. She just connected with her advisor. The two students diagraming the human digestive system in a Joan of Arc study room? They connected on an app. In fact, all of this is happening on one new app dedicated to student success: Navigate Student.

“Navigate brings support to students as opposed to students needing to seek out support and is another great example of how dedicated we are to fostering student success,” says Assistant Dean for Student Engagement Benjamin Grant. “D’Youville has always been a place where students were able to excel but we continue to innovate and transform the student experience; pushing ourselves to ensure that Spartans have every single advantage available. Navigate is the latest advantage, and I’m thrilled to be a part of its implementation in our day-to-day.”

The Navigate Student app is a partnership between a diverse set of departments at D’Youville, from Solutions to Success to Student Engagement, and educational thought-leader EAB. Designed as an advisor in your pocket, the app allows students to sync their schedules, connect with advisors, get notifications on important dates and tasks, find study buddies from their classes, and more. Students can download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store or access the desktop version from a computer.

“At D’Youville, we pride ourselves on providing an education that is personal. Our professors know our students by name. Our support staff is dedicated to making sure our students succeed, not because it’s their job, but because they care about the student,” says Matt Metz, chief innovation and improvement officer at D’Youville. “But we also know that the future of universities is increasingly digital and new students are accustomed to having answers, connections, and information available at their fingertips.”

“We are excited to bring the Navigate Student app to campus and to see how it transforms education at D’Youville,” says Metz. “The Navigate Student app is built around ensuring our students have the support they need for their success because we know when we provide support to our students, they do succeed.”

As a student, you can download the app and log in using your standard D’Youville login.