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D’Youville Awards $30,000 for Healthcare Hackathon Competition

D’Youville Awards $30,000 for Healthcare Hackathon Competition

D’Youville hosted its inaugural Healthcare Hackathon: Solving Healthcare Problems competition this past weekend, awarding $30,000 in prizes.  

Teams focused on providing solutions to one of three problem statements:  

  1. Engaging patients to improve their own health outcomes.
  2. Demystifying health technology to enhance patient experience.
  3. Addressing barriers to access urban primary care. 

Three overall teams were chosen as the winners by a panel of experts after pitching their ideas in just 3-5 minute presentations. Winners, below, were awarded $10,000 each. 

Team 1: Journey  

D'Youville Hackathon finalist team Journey

Team members include Colin Allen, Suakshay Bahal, Vito Galvez, Ashley Levine, MD, Megha Shirodkar, and Brian Quaranto, MD. 

The team presented on a microservices platform, Journey, to improve the patient experience. The platform would allow patients and families to track their medical care experiences as well as track progress of surgery, determine patient’s location, and receive live updates on changes in status. 

Team 2: Ally Health 

D'Youville Hackathon finalist team Ally Health

Team Members include Jon Burow, Teresa Carosa, John Haughton, and Tamara Towles-Schwen.  

The team presented on a personal assistant for navigating healthcare. By downloading an app and filling out a survey, patients can be connected to a care navigator who would be able to direct the patient to nearest facility to receive the care they need. 

Team 3: Healthcare Transformers 

D'Youville Hackathon finalist team Healthcare Transformers

Team members include: Kim Hoyt-Folaron (not pictured), Sandy Kleinberg, Chandni Sud-Thavakumar, and Christy Zell. 

The team presented on IEngage, a patient and partner product that brings together the patient, medical partners and community resources to enhance patient engagement and improve outcomes. The platform would serve as an educational tool, have a rewarding gamification system, have health reminders, and feature wearables. 

A Best in Show on Friday, September 27 at D’Youville’s Hubraising, a ground-breaking event celebrating the College’s upcoming Health Professions Hub. The overall winner will be awarded an additional $5,000 along with other resources to assist in further developing their products.  

Members from each of the three finalist teams, as well as members of D’Youville, will be available.  

The panelists, who presented on the topics on Saturday, picked the respective category winners on Sunday. Local experts across the healthcare and technology fields included: 

Peter Jabrucki, Chief Information Security Officer at Independent Health. Jabrucki is responsible for securing and protecting members health and personal information, as well as the company’s proprietary data. He leads and directs both the company-wide program and individual efforts to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of member and company information. 

Osaigbokan (Osas) Aihie, Regulatory Research Coordinator and Clinical Research Associate, at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. Aihie has a lead role as a regulatory coordinator for melanoma and sarcoma clinical research trials Roswell. Born and raised in Nigeria, Aihie moved to Buffalo in 2009 to attend Canisius College where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 2013. He completed an MBA with a concentration in Finance at Canisius in 2015. For two years, he served as a project coordinator for the Familial Ovarian Cancer Registry at Roswell. 

Renee Cadzow PhD, Chair and Associate Professor of the Health Services Administration Department at D’Youville. Cadzow is board co-chair with the Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo, longtime member of the Healthy Start Healthy Futures for All Coalition, and an advocate for environmental and policy change for breastfeeding. She works with school districts to emphasize policies and systemic change to a Whole Child approach and is a researcher on health disparities in minority populations including refugees in Buffalo. 

Randall Clapper, Developer Mentor for the Software Guild. A programmer for more than 10 years with enterprise-level, custom solutions using the Microsoft technology stack. His experience ranges from designing and developing consumer-facing web applications to integrating applications using API’s. Clapper works with customers to translate their business requirements into collaborative solutions for improved productivity.