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D’Youville to Host National Healthcare Competition; Healthcare Hackathon

D’Youville to Host National Healthcare Hackathon Competition

Winners from three categories will be awarded $10,000 each. 

D’Youville is hosting a national healthcare competition from Saturday, September 21 to Sunday, September 22 — Healthcare Hackathon: Solving Healthcare Problems. The event is open to all ages and professions and will focus on ideas to discover technology-focused solutions to healthcare problems and improving healthcare delivery.

Teams can select one of three categories to present a solution to and the winning team from each category will be awarded $10,000 after the first round, with a chance for an additional $5,000 as the overall winner after the second round. 

“We have very challenging situations in our community. The Healthcare Hackathon will bring community stakeholders together to creatively turn healthcare problems into well-defined solutions, in a short time frame,” says D’Youville President Lorrie Clemo. “The Hackathon will offer the region a preview of what to expect from the college: a welcoming place established to address community health issues. This as we prepare to open the Health Professions Hub in Fall 2020.” 

Teams of up to six participants are encouraged to apply to become one of the 35 teams. In addition, individuals may apply and will be sorted into teams on the first day. Over the three-day period, each team will work to solve the problems established by leading healthcare experts.  

The three themes that teams will address include:  

  • Engaging Patients  
  • Patient Experience 
  • Addressing Barriers

More details on each theme will be unveiled at a panel discussion Saturday morning. Experts will present on the themes and detail the problem statement and will also be available to answer any questions and provide context.  

Teams will work throughout the day with experts, mentors, and student assistants, on hand.  

On Sunday, September 22, teams will pitch their solution to their problem statement, one winner will be chosen for each category.  

First Round winners will advance to pitch their solution again at the Health Professions Hub Groundbreaking, the morning of Friday, September 27, for a chance to be awarded an additional five thousand dollars for Best in Show. All prizes will be awarded at the Hub Groundbreaking. 

To register your team and for more details on the Healthcare Hackathon, visit  

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