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D'Youville Launches New Brand

D'Youville Launches New Brand

Since our humble beginning, D’Youville has utilized education, guided by compassion and empathy, to improve ourselves, our families, our neighborhood, and our global community. More than a century after its founding, the school has entered into a new era: one marked by positive transformation, remarkable growth, and sustainable innovation that will shape our future.

Rooted in the foundation of the College’s mission of leadership and service, we have grown into an institution redefining the role of higher education through the development of thriving communities. By providing an intensely interactive and interdisciplinary educational model that blends science with purpose, we aspire to improve the health, vitality, and well-being of individuals, families, organizations, communities, and the world.

While Buffalo has long been known as ‘the city of good neighbors,’ our College is poised to be the city’s ‘neighborhood university’: a community that is dynamic and global; living out the College's mission in Western New York and around the world. This community is working together for the greater good, and having a transformative impact on both a local and international scale through its world-class education.

To align the College’s traditions of service and excellence, its fast-paced growth and development, and its bright vision for the future, we embarked on a rebranding project during the 2018-2019 academic year. Through discussions and workshops, we invited the community to participate in this process and provide feedback about the story of D’Youville: Where we’ve been, where we’re going, and who we are. 

In learning about the school’s shared goals and the strengths that can drive us forward as an institution, a new brand and logo identity was strategically developed to be a powerful and enduring catalyst for who we are as an institution and our potential for the future. This new brand and logo identity repositions us from a small, modest college rooted in a Catholic heritage on Buffalo’s West Side to a first-choice school-regionally, nationally, and internationally. It speaks to all of us here, and our commitment to be a life-changing force in the world community. 

As the new brand and logo identity is gradually rolled out over the 2019-2020 academic year, the Marketing and Communications team will continue to be the chief stewards of the College brand, working continuously to advance and support its key messaging in all the work that we do. At the center of our communication efforts is a desire to represent D'Youville in a way that aligns with the College's mission, vision, and strategic plan. 

Visit our brand kit page to view our guidelines and uses.