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Relive: Inaugural Nursing White Coat Ceremony

Relive: Inaugural Nursing White Coat Ceremony

The D’Youville School of Nursing held its inaugural white coat ceremony on December 11. Each student received their white coat along with a pin which has the gold Mobius loop, symbolizing the continuous bond of trust, respect, and communication between healthcare professionals and patients.

 View photos from the event here.

The ceremony was made possible thanks to a grant from The Arnold P. Gold Foundation. D’Youville is one of 50 schools to receive the funding to start this tradition.   

Nearly 80 students from the Family Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner programs received their white coats at the ceremony and recited an oath to “…accept the duties and responsibilities that embody the nursing profession.”

Denise Dunford DNS, FNP-BC, APRN, professor and director of the Family Nurse Practitioner Program said this event is a major milestone for the students. “The ceremony signifies a transition period for the student from the classroom to a clinical setting to practice what they learned. It’s now more of a focus on the patient interaction and the humanistic interaction between patient and providers.”

Each of the students will begin or continue their clinical rotations starting in January 2019.


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