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D’Youville Looks to Catholic Health for Health Professions Hub Partnership

D’Youville Looks to Catholic Health for Health Professions Hub Partnership

Today, D’Youville College and Catholic Health have agreed to a partnership brought about through D’Youville’s upcoming Health Professions Hub. Experts from Catholic Health will be brought on to explore what is needed to operate the community clinic that will be located inside The Hub.

The purpose of the clinic will be to provide medical services with a focus on primary care and chronic disease management. This effort will enhance D’Youville’s educational offerings and meet the needs of the medically underserved population on the West Side of Buffalo. With the full complement of medical care all under one roof, the total care of the patient will be the focus as all the major health disciplines will be represented.

Catholic Health President and CEO Mark Sullivan initiated the conversation with D’Youville College President Lorrie Clemo to discuss how the system could become involved in the Hub. In announcing their collaboration, the two organizations underscored their shared values of quality, education, service, compassion, care and affordability.

“D’Youville values its strong relationships with our area healthcare systems and we have benefited from each institution’s willingness to collaborate in unique ways that make a positive impact for those we serve,” shares D’Youville President Lorrie Clemo. “This new dynamic partnership of two of the region’s leading mission-driven institutions signifies our joint promise to make the Health Professions Hub a model that serves our community in perpetuity.”

“When D’Youville announced its HECap grant funding in July, I sat in the audience thinking about the synergies that exist between our two organizations and the potential to collaborate on this project,” said Sullivan.

“There is no doubt that our missions align, but we also share a commitment to improve access to high quality health care for the underserved, while expanding educational opportunities for students at all levels. Given the future demand for skilled health professionals, the clinic will enable students to work hand-in-hand with experienced Catholic Health providers, while meeting the health needs of families on Buffalo’s West Side. We look forward to this partnership, as well as the opportunity for many D’Youville graduates to apply the skills and real-life experiences they will gain through the Hub and the clinic, working for Catholic Health in the future.”

As part of the agreement, Catholic Health will provide expertise and resources to operate the community clinic inside the Health Professions Hub. Other highlights of the partnership include opportunities for healthcare workers to upskill and upscale their training through the Hub’s simulation center and workforce development programs.

The Hub will prepare future healthcare providers through innovative educational methods with an emphasis on interprofessional practice. This will assure that all health professions students can truly function on an integrated team focused on high-quality, patient-centered care. Construction is scheduled to begin July 2019 with completion projected for Fall 2020.


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